Microsoft Workers Demand Tech Giant End US Army Contract To Use HoloLens AR Technology In Warfare

In a letter, Microsoft employees asked the company to terminate a deal to provide HoloLens augmented reality technology to the US army. They said that under the contract, the technology will help soldiers kill.

Defense February 23, 2019

Future Combat Vehicles Might Use DARPA's Wheels That Can Change Shape In A Blink

Most military ground vehicles are equipped with either tires or tracks. However DARPA's Ground X-Vehicle Technologies program has developed a new shape-shifting technology that can transform wheels into tracks.

Defense June 27, 2018

200,000 Tweets By Troll Accounts During 2016 Election Leaked

Twitter decided to deal with the effects of Russian meddling by deleting the tweets from Russian troll accounts. Two hundred thousand of those deleted tweets were leaked.

Defense February 20, 2018

Japan Goes Through False North Korean Missile Alert Similar To Hawaii

Japan faced a false alarm announcing that a missile strike was imminent. While it wasn't from the government like the Hawaii incident, the alert came through a public broadcaster.

Defense January 16, 2018

3-D Printing To The Rescue Of US Military. Printing Drones On Demand Is On Its Way

A new technology developed through the joint efforts of the U.S. Army and the U.S. Marine Corps will allow the U.S. warfighters to develop its own Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs).

Defense January 3, 2018

Palmer Luckey Wants A Virtual Border Wall For America

Palmer Luckey had a tumultuous 2016, leaving the public eye after lying about negative statements directed at Hillary Clinton before the Presidential Election. Palmer is now looking to get back in the public eye with his new idea for a virtual border wall.

Defense June 5, 2017

Trump Administration Proposes Rules For Police To Track And Shoot Down Drones

The Trump administration has reportedly proposed changes in legislation to allow law enforcement to 'track, hack, and destroy' drones, according to a new report. The White House wants to pass it as part of the National Defense Authorization Act.

Defense May 25, 2017

Extended Airline Ban On Electronics Could Prove Costly

The U.S. travel ban on large electronics in airline cabins has already been difficult for travelers. If it gets extended through the summer, it could be even more costly.

Defense May 18, 2017

North Korea's Missile Test Fails: Here's What Could Have Happened

North Korea’s reported missile test failed early on Saturday. With certain countries having access to nuclear weapons, what are the threats that come with nuclear weaponry?

Defense April 30, 2017

Lockheed Martin To Deploy One Of The Most Powerful Laser Weapons Known To Man

Lockheed Martin tested one of the most powerful laser weapons ever to have been created, signifying the weapon system’s design and development are completed. The powerful laser weapon will be delivered to the U.S. Army in the coming months.

Defense March 20, 2017

US Ally Takes Down $200 Drone From Amazon With Patriot Missile Worth $3 Million

A modern Samson versus Goliath story with a twist. A U.S. ally shoots at a suspicious low-cost drone using the Patriot, a super expensive high-powered missile.

Defense March 18, 2017

US Navy Invites Gamers To Help Humanity Survive Post-Singularity World: Nope, Not A Movie

The U.S. Navy is calling upon gamers to help prepare for the problems that a post-singularity world will bring. Participants can now sign up for the Maritime Singularity MMOWGLI, which will run from one week starting March 27.

Defense March 17, 2017

France Is Training Eagles To Hunt And Take Terrorist Drones Out Of The Sky

The military of France is training eagles as a natural solution to take out drones from the sky. Using eagles instead of weapons to destroy drone threats has proven to be both quick and effective.

Defense February 22, 2017

Elon Musk Could Be Building A Fallout Shelter In SpaceX Parking Lot Instead Of Tunnel

Elon Musk has started experimenting on a previously announced tunnel project to help solve LA's traffic problem. There are now sources who believe that he could be building a fallout shelter instead.

Defense February 16, 2017

F-35 Soars To New Heights In US Air Force Combat Test Featuring Airstrikes And Cyber Threats

The U.S. Air Force successfully employs a collaborative system against traditional and cyber attacks in its F-35 A Lightning II. The fighter jet achieved a 15:1 kill rate.

Defense February 12, 2017

BEWARE: After HummingBad, Malware 'HummingWhale' Infects Android: 2 Million Downloads On Google Play Store

A new version of the malware that attacked mobile devices last year has resurfaced. Dubbed as the 'HummingWhale' by security experts, the malware made money out of hijacked ad views made from infected phones.

Defense January 24, 2017

ISIS Weaponizes Everyday Consumer Drones, Turns The UAVs Into Bombers

The militant group ISIS has recently been customizing commercial drones to drop grenade-sized explosives onto residents in Mosul, Iraq. Iraqi Security Forces plan to use a gun-shaped jamming device to render them ineffective.

Defense January 17, 2017

Department Of Defense Tests Swarm Of 3D-Printed Micro-Drones Called Perdix

The U.S. Department of Defense announced a successful demonstration of its semi-automated Perdix drones, which function as a collective organism. A swarm of these devices is considered the biggest thing since the nuclear bomb.

Defense January 11, 2017

UK Military Building Laser Weapon Prototype For $37 Million

The UK Ministry of Defence has awarded a military contract worth $37 million to the UK Dragonfire consortium, which will build a laser prototype that makes use of directed energy technology.

Defense January 6, 2017

Britain's Royal Air Force Urged To Recruit Young Gamers To Fly Reaper Drones In Battle Against ISIS

Britain's Royal Air Force should consider recruiting 18- and 19-year-old gamers to fly combat Reaper drones to blast ISIS, a retired air marshal urged a parliamentary group. Just pull them out of their 'PlayStation bedrooms' into a Reaper cabin, he said.

Defense December 10, 2016

US Military Could Soon Get Two-In-One Grenades With Fragmentation And Concussion Modes

The U.S. military will have a new grenade called ET-MP that will be more flexible to use. Soldiers will be able to switch between modes from fragmentation to concussion or vice versa by flipping a lever in the grenade.

Defense September 23, 2016

DARPA Launches 'Aerial Dragnet' Program To Monitor Drone Traffic In Cities

DARPA has announced an Aerial Dragnet program to keep track of drones in urban environments. DARPA wants the drone tracking program to monitor drones, especially the unknown and hostile ones, in low altitude.

Defense September 16, 2016

Indian Navy Scorpene Submarines From French Defense Contractor DCNS Exposed As Secret Documents Leak: India Investigating

The Australian recently obtained secret documents about six submarines that would join the Indian Navy. As the leak seemed to be foreign, we might be looking at 'economic war,' or worse.

Defense August 24, 2016

DARPA Awards $7.5M Grant For Development Of Implantable Biosensors

DARPA has awarded a grant worth $7.5 million to San Francisco-based Profusa for the development of tissue-integrated biosensors. The biosensors will be used by the military to monitor the health status of soldiers in real time.

Defense July 18, 2016

MIT Develops Wireless, Wearable Sensor For Toxic Gas: Military Applications?

MIT researchers created low-cost sensors that will allow smartphones to detect toxic gas. The technology, which is also lightweight, will have military applications.

Defense July 10, 2016

Raspberry Pi Top Gun Style: AI Triumphs Over US Air Force Pilot In Dogfight Simulation

The future is now as artificially intelligent programs continuously defeat human counterparts in various scenarios. The most recent of these accomplishments saw a computer-controlled program ALPHA completely disintegrate an aircraft expert in dogfight simulations.

Defense June 29, 2016

Here Are The Biggest Cyber Threats According To The Commander Of US Cyber Command

A recent interview was conducted to get a glimpse of the government’s role in preventing cyber attacks from occurring. In this interview, the U.S. Cyber Command revealed what it deemed were significant threats to national and global securities.

Defense June 21, 2016

Top Secret Military Test This June Will Disrupt GPS On The West Coast, FAA Warns: What Could It Be?

The Federal Aviation Administration has released an advisory for expected GPS interference this month. The outages will be caused by a test to be conducted by the military, but it is not sure what kind of device will be tested.

Defense June 8, 2016

US Army Distributes Smart Earplugs That Dial Down Loud Sounds And Amplify Quiet Noises

The U.S. Army has distributed smart earplugs, called the Tactical Communication and Protective System (TCAPS), which assist soldiers to listen effectively on the field. TCAPS cost $2,000, and the Army has distributed 20,000 units to soldiers.

Defense June 6, 2016

Navy Develops Futuristic DAVD HUD For Augmented Reality Underwater

The U.S. Navy announced its latest research program involving a Divers Augmented Vision Display that can use augmented reality on a head-up display. The Iron Man-inspired gadget will help professionals streamline their underwater activity.

Defense June 4, 2016

Pentagon Still Uses Floppy Disks To Operate US Nuclear Weapons

Despite advances in computers, the U.S. Defense Department still uses floppy disks to operate the nation's nuclear forces. Other federal agencies use outdated systems as well.

Defense May 26, 2016

Shipbuilder Turns Over Stealth Destroyer Zumwalt To Navy

The U.S. Navy formally received its first Zumwalt-class stealth destroyer from General Dynamics on Friday. Two more warships of the class will be added to the Navy's fleet later on.

Defense May 22, 2016

2 Chinese J-11 Tactical Aircraft Intercept US Military Plane Over South China Sea: Pentagon

Two Chinese fighter jets carried out an 'unsafe' intercept of a U.S. reconnaissance plane over the South China Sea on May 17, the Defense Department said. The incident comes weeks after the Chinese military intercepted a U.S. destroyer in the region.

Defense May 19, 2016

India Successfully Test-Fires Supersonic Interceptor Missile

India marked its successful interceptor missile launch last Sunday, the 12th time that the missile was test-fired. The country continues to develop interceptor missiles to thwart hostile attacks.

Defense May 16, 2016

Florida High School Students Use RFID To Detect Guns Entering Buildings

PTS Lead Developer Howard Heckman helped the team refine its product, which can now instantly pull up a gun owner’s photograph and data if he or she triggers the RFID system.

Defense May 3, 2016

US Sets Aside $121 Million for Israel’s Underground Tunnel-Detecting Technology

The U.S. currently has equipment to locate land mines, natural gas and oil deposits. However, none of these items are advanced enough to handle the detection of tunnels.

Defense April 29, 2016

China Debuts a Terrorism-Fighting Robot as the Military Tech Market Grows

It can work for up to eight hours at a time without needing to be recharged, and it can patrol a wide area by moving at a speed of less than one mile per hour.

Defense April 28, 2016

DARPA Wants Future Armored Vehicles To Drop Thick Steel For Speed And Agility

DARPA wants to drop the thick steel in today's armored vehicles to make these faster and more agile. Forget the Caped Crusader's Batmobile because it appears the agency is going for Spider-Man's lightning-quick reflexes.

Defense April 27, 2016

US To Start 'Dropping Cyberbombs' On ISIS: Hacking Electronic Systems For Tactical Advantages

The United States will use 'cyberbombs' for the first time in history, and it will do it against the Islamic State. The Cyber Command is working on a campaign to disrupt the operations of ISIS on all levels.

Defense April 26, 2016

Japan's Stealth Fighter Jet Takes Maiden Flight

Japan's first radar evading fighter jet recently took its maiden flight. The prototype X-2 fighter jet took its first test flight on April 22, one move of Japan's increased military defense.

Defense April 24, 2016

DARPA's Gremlin Drones Are Like Tiny Alien Ships That Fly Home To Mothership After A Mission

DARPA wants someone to help it make gremlins real. These mil-spec drones would be nothing like Furby, however.

Defense April 16, 2016

Russian Attack Jets Buzz Within Yards Of US Navy Destroyer In Baltic Sea

The U.S. Navy Destroyer, the Donald Cook, faced repeated run-ins by two Russian Su-24 striker jets in Baltic Sea for two days. The jets, accompanied by a Russian military helicopter, were said to make numerous passes in low-altitude circles despite radio warnings, severely disrupting the warship’s flight routine.

Defense April 14, 2016

The Future USS Zumwalt Takes Being Stealthy To Another Level

The 610-foot warship is too stealthy for its own good, appearing as a 40- to 50-foot fishing boat on one fisherman's radar.

Defense April 12, 2016

Stop Calling It ACTUV: DARPA's Self-Driving Warship Christened As Sea Hunter

U.S. defense officials christened their new self-driving vessel 'Sea Hunter' during an event in Portland on April 7. The robotic warship was developed as part of DARPA's Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel program.

Defense April 9, 2016

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