Call of Duty Modern Warfare
(Photo : Call of Duty) A streamer by the name of "VonGarcon" shared a photo of leaked copies of "Modern Warfare" on social media. He said he has multiple copies of the game, which he is selling at the inflated rate of $250 a piece.

A Twitch streamer is claiming to have advanced copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which he is selling for $250 a piece.

A Twitter and Twitch user by the name of "VonGarcon" posted on social media that he was able to secure multiple copies of the latest Call of Duty title ahead of its release on Oct. 25. He shared a photo on Instagram showing at least seven copies of the game, with each one available for $250.

Leaked Modern Warfare Copies?

Based on VonGarcon's photo, the supposed Modern Warfare game discs are kept in clear plastic cases instead of the standard retail packaging. As IGN pointed out, the copies look like wholesale or rental units.

Game companies usually give retailers physical copies of a video game ahead of its official release. However, this practice often leads to new games getting leaked to the public even before they become available.

VonGarcon claimed he bought the leaked Modern Warfare copies from an undisclosed party. He then decided to offer the games online for a higher price.

When other social media users asked VonGarcon to post some gameplay from the title, the Twitch streamer initially refused but then went on to share a snippet. The clip showed what appeared to be Modern Warfare's Gunfight or training mode.

It also looked like VonGarcon had custom settings enabled on his brief gameplay footage, which allowed him to display a minimap on screen. This feature is reportedly not part of the game settings by default.

However, the video clip in question has since been taken down from Twitter due to action from the copyright owner.

IGN said the in-game footage that the streamer shared had some similarities with those captured by the website from earlier Modern Warfare preview events. These included a highlight reel featuring the upcoming game's Gunfight mode gameplay.

This suggests that the game copies that VonGarcon is offering might just be the real deal despite their inflated prices, according to the gaming website.

Keeping A Tight Lip

Game developer Infinity Ward and publisher Activision have both kept a relatively tight lip regarding details of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game. They have pretty much kept the title's campaign mode a secret even after releasing several trailers.

While both companies might want to keep it that way, it's still possible for some leaks to make their way to the public. It's likely that some retail or rental copies of Modern Warfare were taken from the official supply chain and sold on the streets during the lead up to the game's debut.

To prevent such scenarios from happening, Activision and other larger game makers could start handing out fines to retailers that would violate the official release date for high profile titles such as Modern Warfare. They could also come after retail employees if they are proven to be complicit in the game leak.

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