Sony just wrapped up another State of Play presentation.

For its September show, it made a lot of pretty big announcements, including the release date of The Last of Us Part II and a planned port of Civilization VI to the PlayStation 4, among others.

State Of Play September 2019 Roundup

The Last of Us Part II will be available on Feb. 21, 2020. It's still a couple of months away, and on that note, The Last of Us Remastered could tide some fans over until then, since it's part of the free PlayStation Plus games for October, after all.

The remake of MediEvil isn't here just yet, but the next best thing is: a downloadable free demo. For those who want to take it out for a spin, it's already available from the PlayStation Store.

Death Stranding is set to roll out on Nov. 8, and on the same day, a PS4 Pro bundle themed after the game will be released. The console is white with some black handprints on top, and it comes with a controller that's designed like a BB pod.

As one of the most intriguing portions of State of Play, Humanity is a new game coming in 2020 from Enhance and tha ltd.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a new trailer that gives a closer look at what to expect.

As mentioned earlier, Civilization VI is heading to the PS4 on Nov. 22.

Other Announcements

Arise: A Simple Story is a new cartoon-ish game that's "coming soon" to the PS4. Wattam is coming in December as well, and it's from Keita Takahashi, the maker of Katamari Damacy.

For the virtual reality announcements, L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files is now out for the PlayStation VR. Meanwhile, After the Fall is an action shooter that's set for next year. Gladiator simulator Gorn is scheduled for winter, and the sci-fi game Stardust Odyssey was also announced.

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