(Photo : Rockstar Games | YouTube) A YouTuber has launched an ongoing live stream showing them drive a car in "GTA 5" nonstop. The fan claims that they will continue to play the game until Rockstar launches "GTA 6."

A die-hard Grand Theft Auto fan is promising to drive around San Andreas nonstop until Rockstar Games releases the next game in the franchise.

YouTuber 10HoursMovies has launched an ongoing live stream showing them driving a car around the map of GTA 5 without ever stopping. The channel owner has vowed to keep the game going until the game developer comes out with Grand Theft Auto 6.

So far, the gamer has made about 900 laps around the massive GTA 5 version of San Andreas. They've been playing the game for 15 days straight, at the time of writing.

10HoursMovies' video has also become a hub for other GTA players that are also eagerly waiting for the next title in the series. It has collected several donations from fans, who want to see the stunt keep on going.

Nonstop Driving In GTA 5

While 10HoursMovies claims that they're doing the stunt to drum up support for GTA 6's release, there's also a monetary aspect to it.

The channel owner explicitly states in the description that they are asking for donations from viewers to help keep the video going. They even provide multiple platforms through which people could send their money.

10HoursMovies keeps track of fans who have given the most money via a "Top Donators of all time" list at the bottom of the video description. The names featured are the ones that donated more than €10 (roughly $11) to help fund the stunt.

Several fans have also expressed their support of the video on the live chat. However, there are also those who are skeptical of the entire concept.

Some viewers accused 10HoursMovies of running the gameplay video using a bot. They alluded to how the car featured in the video is being driven, especially since they haven't seen the vehicle collide with any other in-game objects.

Other commenters believe the footage being shown is just a gameplay video played in a loop, likely in an effort to mislead viewers.

Interestingly enough, another commenter by the name of "Nams 1290" vowed to create a similar marathon video, where they will walk around the Half-Life 2 map nonstop until Valve releases the much-awaited Half-Life 3.

GTA 6 Release

Rockstar has yet to reveal its plans for the sixth entry to the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It has already been six years since GTA 5 debuted, far too long for many GTA superfans to have to wait. It's no wonder why even the smallest of rumors about a possible GTA 6 release is enough to drive internet chatter.

Some fans are hoping that the upcoming launch of next-gen gaming consoles next year will also lead to another GTA game. However, there's still no official word about such a scenario even being considered by folks at Rockstar.

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