How to Browse the Internet on TCL Smart TV
(Photo : How to Browse the Internet on TCL Smart TV)

TCL, short for Telephone Communication Limited, is one of the biggest Chinese electronics company. It builds almost all types of electronic products from scratch and sells them all around the world. TCL is the third largest TV manufacturer in the world by its market share. It didn't take TCL much time to dominate the market because of one Chinese quality no one in the world can beat: same features, low price. You will find every feature of almost the same quality as Samsung in TCL products but at a significantly lower price. 

TCL has been manufacturing all kinds of smart TVs since the time they started. They are just advanced as any other global electronics manufacturer, but people expect a little too much of them. Many customers of TCL smart TV face the problem of not being able to connect to the internet. Before you contact a professional or file complaint, be sure to check the device for a few issues that might be causing this problem. 

Try a Factory Reset

Factory reset usually solves all software related problems. You will need the help of a professional to exchange the faulty piece if it's a hardware issue. Hardware problems can be caused by a bad power connection or low-quality material. The only solution here is replacing the hardware, which requires opening the device. You can run all these tests to solve any issue that isn't connected to the hardware problem. 

  • To factory reset a TCL smart TV, unplug the power and wait for at least one hour. 

  • Press and hold the power button for one minute. 

  • Plug the switch directly into the wall without any interruption.

  • Make sure you don't leave the power button during this process and wait one more minute. 

  • It will reset the device to its factory settings, resolving any problems that might be caused by wrong settings. 

Worn Ethernet Cable

Before you start blaming the device for the problem, make sure that the problem isn't somewhere else. There is a possibility that the Ethernet cable connecting the modem and TV has worn out. Every piece of hardware, including wires, has a limited life. Try connecting the modem to a laptop or computer through the Ethernet cable. If it doesn't connect, it means that cable is the problem. You can either purchase a new Ethernet wire or use Wi-Fi to connect your TCL smart TV to the internet. 

Wi-Fi Out of Range

You might not be able to connect to the internet because the router is too far away from the television. You won't see your Wi-Fi or any other connections on the screen if it's not in range. It is possible that your mobile is connected but the TV can't connect. Mobile phones can usually catch Wi-Fi from a more extended range. Change the position of the router and set it somewhere close to the TV. If you're thinking about buying a new router or any other device, be sure to read reliable reviews about them on this site beforehand. 

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