If you have tuned in on Shark Tank season 11, episode 5 that aired this Sunday, Oct. 27, you might have seen the MyoStorm Therapeutic Massage Ball that was designed and created by Jonothan "Jono" DePeri, Shaquille Walker, and their team.

Scientifically Backed Meteor

The flagship product from MyoStorm, known as "Meteor," is a football-sized massage ball, which combines heat and vibration in a single device that could help in relieving muscle tension as well as encourage muscle relaxation as per Heavy.com's report.

MyoStorm has worked with a team of engineers, professional athletes, and doctors to research muscle healing and recovery and come up with a plan that can promote those.

Thousands of Hours

According to The News Crunch, thousands of hours had been spent on developing and creating the Meteor, and thanks to the design process, they have discovered specific amplitudes and frequencies that were most beneficial in maximizing pain relief and muscle recovery.

DePeri revealed that he had come up with the concept when he was still studying mechanical engineering at BYU.

How does it Work?

There are two main components to the Meteor: heat and vibration.

This massage ball has a self-heating feature that reaches 120 F, according to MyoStorm's official website and product description, allowing better blood circulation, which, in turn, promotes faster recovery and reduces pain.

MyoStorm Therapeutic Massage Ball shown on 'Shark Tank'
(Photo : MyoStorm)
The Meteor is a self-heating and vibrating massage ball.

While the massage ball is heating, it's also vibrating to provide deep tissue massage and an effective trigger point release, which also helps reduce the pain and lead to faster recovery. The device has three levels of vibration settings—all of which are scientifically backed to provide better results.

Since the Meteor is a perfect size, it's capable of hitting the right spot where you are sore.

Two Meteors

According to The Daily Universe, the MyoStorm Meteor Therapeutic Massage Ball will officially launch in the market this December, perfect for the holidays as a gift to athletes and those who do hard, manual labor each day.

There are two available Meteors: the original Meteor which sells at $150—but is now only at $139, as well as the Meteor 2.0 which you can initially buy for $174 but now is available at only $149 and comes with a USB-C charging, an improved heat functionality, and an updated interface.

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During their stint on Shark Tank, the entrepreneurs eventually worked with Lori Greiner.

Besides MyoStorm, the Shark Tank episode 5 from this Sunday also featured three other companies, namely, Tailgate 'N' Go, Nerdit Now, and GolfKicks—with each one showcasing their flagship products.

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