Here's great news for all Playstation aficionados! PS5 is coming soon! But don't get too excited yet. Your favorite digital game is not yet coming until Christmas of next year. Yes, you read it right! PS5 is set to be released in Christmas of 2020. But don't get upset and disappointed, either! At least one thing is sure—the latest edition of your favorite home video game console is definitely coming, and Sony, the maker of the game, has just confirmed it recently.

Yahoo! News reports, while there's no definite release date yet, as Sony confirms the coming of the newest PlayStation model, Sony says, "These updates may not be a huge surprise." However, the representative says, they wanted to confirm the new game's release for their PlayStation fans as they start revealing additional details on the company's vision for the next generation.

What to Look Forward to

In the same new PS5 release announcement, Sony also explained to gaming enthusiasts "That the console will arrive with a new style of the controller," which lets the user get various textures when plodding through the mud or running through the grassy fields. Expect a more complex haptic feedback in PS5. Also, those who have tested the new game said that playing in varying environments such as mud, ice, and water impacted the manner the controls are operated.  

Consequently, Sony reveals, colliding into a wall in a car race feels quite different compared to "making a tackle on the football field." In addition, the PlayStation developer shares that "developers can program the triggers' resistance so the player can feel the physical sensation of drawing the bow and arrow, or fast-tracking an off-road vehicle through a rocky landscape.

Specs PlayStation Fans will Surely be Excited About

Digital Trends reported recently, through an interview with Wired, Mark Cerny exposed that the CUP and GPU of the soon-to-be-released PS5 are AMD chips that can support 8K graphics, 3D Audio, and ray tracing. Relatively, CPU will feature an 8-core chip based on the so-called Ryzen line and utilize the Zen 2 microarchitecture. The GPU, on the other hand, will be Radeon Navi line-based.

However, in spite of the specifications that remarkably outperform the present-generation consoles, new speculations have it that PlayStation 5 has less power compared to the most modern high-end PC graphics card. In addition, the CPU and GPU are expected to run at GHz. While the said feature more than doubles the PS4 Pro's speed, it is said to be not that powerful compared to the Nvidia RTX 2080 line. 

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