Now that the holidays are over, and the first full week of 2015 has arrived it's likely back to business in tech news. Here are five headlines we expect to see hit this week.

1. Quantum Dot TVs to Be Announced

One of the bigger announcements at CES this year will be the introduction of the Quantum Dot TV. These TVs are said to offer much better image quality than standard LED TVs, with companies like Sony already experimenting with the technology. It will likely get a much bigger announcement at CES this year, with players such as LG jumping on the bandwagon.

2. Intel's Broadwell Finally Ready

Intel's newest processor line, Broadwell, is likely to be included in quite a few products announced this week. Broadwell will bring support for much better battery life as well as thinner form factors. Running cool enough to eliminate the need for a fan in many products, it will remove the last major moving part in today's laptops. The focus here is on ultra-portability, meaning there likely won't be many gaming PCs being run by a Broadwell chip.

3. Smart Home to Become More Accessible

The smart home is set to see a number of big product announcements this week. One of the biggest problems with smart home appliances in the past was that they all don't work together very well. Companies such as Apple, with HomeKit, and Google with its Nest program, are helping eliminate this problem. Interoperability among smart home products will make our lives easier and likely spur greater consumer adoption.

4. Smartphones Galore

Both Sony and Samsung are predicted to make some big smartphone announcements this week, with Sony poised to release the new Xperia Z4. While it's unlikely Samsung will announce the Galaxy S6, the company will likely still tout a few less important devices.

5. Second Wave of Wearables

The wearable tech world is on solid footing as 2015 kicks off. It, along with smart home gadgets and systems, is is expected to be a big focus at the tech show this week.

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