Grand Theft Auto Online is still getting weekly updates despite being six years old, and this week, new changes have been added to the game, including a Halloween-themed survival series, a new vehicle, and a new mission that involves peyote plants.

Extraterrestrial Fun

First off, GTA Online has an all-new series known as Alien Survival Series, wherein you get to play an extraterrestrial and fight waves of heavily armed Marines, FIB agents, and NOOSE teams on seven maps.

'GTA Online' Weekly Update Brings Halloween-themed Changes to Game
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Grand Theft Auto Online brings seasonal items for players.

Besides having fun as an alien badass, players will also want to get into the series as all Alien Survivals will give you Double Rewards this week, according to the Daily Star.

Although not the scariest Halloween offer for any game, it is still fun and thrilling to try something new from the game.

Additional Halloween Must Haves

Additionally, GTA Online fans can also get a new vehicle from Legendary Motorsport known as the Rampant Rocket, and it's also a good deal, priced only at $925,000.

In celebration of the Halloween season, it's about to get even more grisly on GTA Online with the new modes available including Slasher, Slashers, Come Out to Play, Lost vs. Damned, Beast vs. Slasher, and Condemned—and all are rewarding gamers with double GTA and RP from Oct. 31 to Nov. 6.

Seasonal decorations and items are also available with the update, including The Diamond, which is available at the Casino Stores, and you can also try out your luck and spin at the Casino for free daily for a chance to get the LCC Sanctus.

Peyote Plants

Rockstar Games has also added a secret mission to GTA Online that every player can complete: finding all 76 peyote plants.

There's no need to do anything to trigger the mission, but once you have updated the game and you've logged in, you'll see a notification saying that peyote plants have started growing throughout Los Santos.

These plants were previously found on GTA 5, and it gives you the ability to become an animal.

Finding all 76 plants won't give you anything special, or any reward that you can find of value, except that you have an item that can turn you into a bird or a dog.

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However, there is one specific peyote plant that can turn you into the Sasquatch—or the Bigfoot as many know it—given that you eat it at the right time.

Cheating Policy Changed

Rockstar Games has updated the cheating policy for GTA Online, according to Technobezz, including what constitutes as cheating as well as the punishments available for anyone who goes against these policies.

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