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Managed IT benefits mean less hassle and better outcomes: lower cost, lower stress, better performance, ease of management, tight security and trusted partners.  

How can managed IT save money and solve problems? Alek Pirkhalo, a Chicago IT consulting specialist looks at 7 top benefits of a trusted managed IT provider, with ideas on how you can put these concepts into practice.

1. Lower Cost

In-house FTE staff - supplemented by contractors - can be costly. Personnel issues like turnover, hiring, training, career development and management add to the complexity. Businesses save money with managed IT, since the simplified monthly outsourcing cost means fewer staff headaches and customized levels of service - an efficient, cost-effective answer. Costs for system maintenance and repairs are often included in a managed IT contract as well.

To implement - instead of filling the next IT vacancy, consider a small managed IT contract as a test.

2. Adaptability and Scalability

IT changes quickly. New cloud services, new hardware, new software and new strategies come to market every week. A dedicated IT authority stays at the leading edge of technology - helping you adapt and keep ahead of competitors - offering the right solutions at the right time. For a business with rapid growth, management wants to focus on growing, not on IT worries. Scalable managed IT handles company expansion with ease.

To implement - [CTA - e.g. ... see our web resources for details ... (or) a consulting session can help you with a sanity check and a growth plan, contact us at ... ]

3. Simplified Operations

The time sink of dealing with enterprise IT means less time moving the business forward. A managed IT provider takes on the burden of overseeing complex and interconnected systems. IT expertise is ready at any time to help you streamline workflow and optimize performance - leaving businesses free to focus on what's most important to company success.

To implement - invest a little time now to understand how managed IT can simplify operations year in and year out - for executives, directors and staff. [CTA for web resources, consultation.]

4. Cyber Security

Ransomware, hacking, virus attacks, spyware - cybercriminals attack businesses by the thousands every day. Global commerce and the internet expose IT systems to international threats, especially as overseas hackers become increasingly sophisticated. Managed IT providers are experts in the best tools and training methods to safeguard your systems and teach your staff the best security practices.

To implement - start with a security management package as an introduction to managed IT ... [CTA e.g. contact us.]

5. Specialized Expertise and Mobile Integration

A lean IT department means a "Jack-of-All-Trades" approach to staffing - seeking people who can fill multiple roles. This strategy can result in "Master-of-None" knowledge, however, with large gaps in expertise. An expert managed IT provider is fully staffed with knowledgeable specialists in every area of IT, including the seamless integration of mobile devices and field staff. These experts are efficient and laser-focused on the quickest solution, getting it right the first time.

To implement - be proactive. Don't wait until the next crisis to look for answers - get started right away with ... [CTA e.g. education, consultation.]

6. Competitive Advantage

Managed IT spend is expected to nearly double in 5 years. This growth is being driven by the numerous advantages of cost control, flexibility, expandability, reliability, security and much more - benefits that give a distinct edge to companies that choose managed IT. As cloud services and eCommerce take more and more market share, specialized IT becomes a matter of competitive survival.

To implement - brainstorm with your executive team on tech opportunities that can give you a leg up on the competition. Reach out to us for help ... [CTA]

7. Reliable, Robust IT

IT downtime can cost $100,000 an hour - running into the millions. In-house IT often isn't equipped to deal with a system outage ... but the real challenge is prevention. Managed IT specialists are experts in keeping systems running, constantly optimizing and monitoring systems to maximize performance and prevent failures.

To implement - consider your most business-critical systems, then talk to us about options to maximize performance and uptime. [CTA]

Adapt or Perish

Rapidly changing technology and global competition are changing the way business are done. Hiring in-house IT is still essential - however, concerns like security, cost, competition, scalability and reliability call for specialized expertise. Managed IT makes companies more competitive and better equipped to handle the changing landscapes of eCommerce and global business.

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