Apple will soon be revealing their replacement to their current model, a new 16-inch MacBook Pro.
(Photo : Apple)

Apple is reportedly preparing now for the reveal of their brand new 16-inch variant for the MacBook Pro. Many Apple fans have been following this story develop, with rumors dating back as early as February. 

Fresh Off the Press

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg reports that this new MacBook Pro will be revealed today. It will be sporting a 16-inch screen, which falls between the 15-inch version we currently have and the 17-inch version that was discontinued in 2012.

Aside from the updated screen, the MacBook Pro to be revealed today will have an updated keyboard. It ditches the faulty butterfly keyboard in favor of the more reliable scissor keyboards. The change is meant to address the MacBook's infamously flimsy keys.

The 16-inch MacBook Pro is meant to replace the 15-inch version, leaving the portfolio with just 13-inch and 16-inch models. Since it's meant to replace an old version, the 16-inch MacBook Pro is expected to launch at the same price the 15-inch version has right now.

The timing is impeccable. Last year, Apple also revealed the 15-inch MacBook Pro on the same Wednesday of November. That version was delivered to users just a week later. Here's to hoping that we all get our hands on this new MacBook Pro by the end of this month.

Big Brother

Meanwhile, there are also reports that the new Mac Pro will come to stores this December. First revealed last June during Apple's WWDC Keynote, the new Mac Pro is a redesign of the classic Apple desktop.

The Mac Pro's most defining feature is its 6K Display, which Apple claims has a panel that can hold 1,000 nits of brightness across the panel indefinitely. This is just enough to put its panel to VESA's highest DisplayHDR 1000 tier.

Meanwhile, although many of us haven't gotten our hands on the Mac Pro yet, Apple has reportedly been giving some artists early access on their new machine. Eagle-eyed people would notice a Mac Pro on DJ Calvin Harris' studio. Apple must be confident already with the Mac Pro's current build to be giving artists test runs, which is exactly what Apple says the Mac Pro would be perfect for.


These rumors come hot on the heels of the iPhone 11 launch. As always, the iPhone 11 is a huge commercial success, although critics are resentful of iOS 13, which is reportedly buggy even after two updates.

The iPhone 11 showed Apple catching up on the camera game, featuring three back cameras on the Pro and Pro Max versions. These cameras finally introduced telephoto and ultra-wide photography to the iPhone, a feature that many Apple users have been missing out on for some time now.

If ever the 16-inch MacBook Pro would be revealed today or anytime this week, it's sure to make people double-guess their plans for this upcoming Black Friday sale. It's tempting to wait for the latest Apple offering instead of giving in to the big slashes in prices that are sure to come.

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