Owners of the Amazon Echo devices are sure to find this great news. Now, they can connect the smart speaker to their Fire TV, be it a Fire TV Cube or a Fire TV Stick. Labeled as the 'Alexa Home Theatre System," this latest addition to Amazon's amazing electronic products aims to let a user like you to build various configurations for immersive wireless speaker without the need to buy a home theater system separately.

In an article posted on NDTV, Amazon said that "Echo owners with the Alexa Home Theatre System can establish 1.0 and 2.0 configurations." The leading online retailer added that with the Alexa Home Theatre System, you as an Echo and Echo Plus user would be allowed to stream Dolby audio from a Fire TV device wirelessly. Posted on UK forums, Amazon has noted that its new home theater system is compatible with the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K, the Third-Gen Fire TV, and the Second-Gen Fire TV Cube. For audio streaming, the Third-generation Echo Dot, Second-Generation Echo, Third-Generation Echo, First-Generation Echo Plus, Second-Generation Echo Plus, Echo Studio, or Echo Dot with Clock is needed.

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How Alexa Works

Alexa is Amazon's voice-controlled assistant, turning words into action. One who is in search of the best Alexa smart speaker for queries, smart-home management, and music, Amazon recommends its latest Amazon Echo as a perfect must-have. More so, the online retail shop explains that through this home theater system, a user can set up two Echo speakers on top of the Echo sub he already has.

Once the speaker system gets enabled through the Echo speaker, the user can control it through the settings on the Fire TV. As indicated in the instruction on reviewed.com, "He specifically needs to go to Settings, followed by Displays & Sounds, then, to Home Theatre System" to set up the system. Then, through Lip Sync and Fire TV remote, the user can make adjustments in the lip-syncing of the audio with visuals should there be some inconsistencies.

Amazon Echo

Echo is Amazon's flagship smart speaker connecting to Alexa to set timers and alarms, play music, control smart home devices, answer, and more. The system works best in communal spaces such as the family and living rooms. Another impressive feature Echo brings is the room-filling sound from which one can enjoy the dynamic bass and crisp vocal response along with Dolby processing. Music can also be controlled without the user lifting a finger as all music commands can be done via voice.

Indeed, one can stream songs from Spotify, Amazon Music, Sirius XM, Apple Music, and more. Not only that, Alexa, as part of the Amazon Echo technology, is always ready to help as it does not just play music but answers questions, checks the weather, read the news, control compatible devices for smart home tech, and set alarms as well. 

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