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Amazon Prime Perks: Subscribers Get 10 Percent Discount On Sale Items At Whole Foods

A new perk from Amazon Prime is extended for shoppers at Whole Foods Market. Members can apparently avail an additional 10 percent discount on items that are on sale on a weekly basis.

Internet May 19, 2018

Amazon Hardware On Sale, Just In Time For Mother's Day: Grab Discounts For Echo, Kindle, And Fire Devices

Husbands and sons looking for the perfect Mother's Day gift might want to check out the latest Amazon hardware discounts. Special offers include 30 percent off for the Echo Show and 25 percent off for the Kindle.

Gadgets May 6, 2018

Amazon Teases ‘Fire TV Cube,’ Will Reportedly Come With Far-Field Microphones Like Echo Devices

Amazon is close to unveiling what’s called the Fire TV Cube. The device is rumored to have Echo-like voice command capabilities and also act as your everyday streaming device.

Gadgets April 25, 2018

Amazon Fire TV Stick And Fire TV 4K On Sale: Which One Should You Buy?

Amazon is offering discounts for the Fire TV Stick, sold for $29.99, and the Fire TV 4K, sold for $49.99. Both devices come with a wide range of apps and the Alexa voice remote, so which one should you buy?

Gadgets April 9, 2018

Amazon Fire TV YouTube App No Longer Works Ahead Of Schedule: Users Redirected To Browsers

The YouTube app, which should be available until Jan. 1, is no longer working on the Amazon Fire TV. Users are being redirected to browsers to access the video streaming service, but there is a workaround.

Apps/Software December 29, 2017

Two New Amazon Fire TV Models Leaked: One Of Them Works Like An Echo Dot

There are two new Amazon Fire TV models coming this year, according to AFTVNews. The first one resembles the Google Chromecast, while the second one will take voice commands like the Alexa-powered Echo Dot.

Gadgets September 11, 2017

Amazon Fire TV Update: Netflix And HBO GO Now Part Of Universal Search, Alexa Voice Control Improved

Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick gets a welcome update that expands the universal search feature to include big names such as Netflix and HBO GO and improves Alexa voice controls.

Apps/Software September 7, 2016

Google Chromecast Bests Apple TV In Sales, Researcher Says

Google Chromecast outsells Apple TV in the first quarter of this year, says IHS. At $35, the Chromecast is among the most affordable video streaming devices in the segment.

Gadgets June 11, 2016

Super Bowl 50 Free Streaming: Huge Audience To Watch On Roku, Chromecast, Fire, Apple And Other Internet TV Platforms

A new report indicates that a record number of viewers are expected to watch Super Bowl 50 via Internet connected TV platforms like Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV and others. One in three Millennials plans to view the big game digitally via free streaming this year.

Internet February 7, 2016

Original Amazon Fire TV Gets Alexa Virtual Assistant With New Fire OS 5.0.5 Update

Amazon is still providing support for its older devices, especially the first-generation Fire TV. That device, as well as Fire TV Sticks, are receiving over-the-air updates that bring the devices up to Android 5.1 Lollipop along with Amazon's personal digital assistant, Alexa.

Gadgets February 5, 2016

Amazon Says Cyber Monday Sales Jumped 40 Percent in 2015

Online retailer Amazon exhibited impressive sales growth during Cyber Monday 2015. The company reported that sales spiked 40 percent over those on the same day a year ago.

Business January 6, 2016

Chromecast Tops Apple TV, Fire TV And Roku As Bestselling Media Streaming Device

Chromecast is the most popular media streaming device for this year’s third quarter, besting out hot new offerings from Apple, Amazon and Roku.

Gadgets December 1, 2015

Amazon Fire TV (2015) Review Roundup: Worth It Now, Or Wait Another Year?

The Amazon Fire TV has received mixed reviews on the market. The price of the set-top may attract some customers, but those looking for a more versatile streaming box may want to wait another year for the improved version of the Fire TV.

Gadgets October 12, 2015

Apple TV 2 vs. Roku 4 vs. Chromecast 2 vs. Fire TV: All-New Streaming Devices Compete To Be The Ultimate Cord-Cutter’s Dream

Apple, Roku, Google and Amazon have unveiled four exceptional streaming devices. The Apple TV 2, Roku 4, Chromecast 2 and Fire TV go against one another to prove which one will get the consumers' favor.

Gadgets October 10, 2015

Amazon’s Fire TV Set Top Box Gets A Gaming Edition Bundled With Its Own Controller

Amazon takes on the Apple TV once again.

Gadgets September 17, 2015

FCC Listing Tips Next Amazon Fire TV With MicroSD Slot And More

What seems to be the next Amazon Fire TV has just surfaced in an FCC listing, boasting a microSD card slot, an HDMI port, an Ethernet port and more.

Gadgets September 12, 2015

Does Amazon Fling Stand A Chance Against Google Cast And Apple AirPlay?

Amazon has launched a new Fling SDK to boost support for its Fire TV, which could enable the company to better compete against Google Cast and Apple AirPlay. Here's the deal.

Apps/Software July 13, 2015

Amazon Announces Tool For Users To 'Fling' Content To Their TV

Amazon has announced a new tool for developers to enable options for users to 'fling' content to their TV through Amazon Fire TV. The tool puts Amazon in direct competition with Google's Chromecast and Apple's Apple TV.

Gadgets July 10, 2015

Best Free Curated Channels for Roku, Chromecast Sticks and Fire, Apple TVs

Life with scaled-back premium TV services is becoming easier, as more content providers package content in nonlinear fashion. These apps will make cord-cutting even more exciting.

Gadgets December 19, 2014

HBO GO Lands on the Fire TV, Stick, and Amazon Celebrates With $20 Price Cut

Just in time for some holiday binge watching, HBO Go arrives on Amazon's streaming hardware. The Fire TV set-top box gets a price cut to celebrate the arrival.

Gadgets December 16, 2014

Streaming Media Stick a Hot Commodity. Is One on Your Cyber Monday List?

Cord cutters are making cable companies bleed their own blood. A new report says streaming media hardware has penetrated up to 20 percent of households in the US.

Gadgets December 1, 2014

Amazon admits Fire Phone wasn't priced right (but expect sequels anyway)

Amazon's traditional pricing strategy is to undercut rivals. However, it went a different route with the Fire Phone, opting instead to base the price on the industry standard.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech November 2, 2014

Will Nexus Player prove big headache for Amazon?

Google's Nexus Player may well be Amazon's newest nightmare. Amazon's Fire TV is supported by a roped off and curated library of content, while the Nexus Player appears to be open to everything Android developers come up with.

Gadgets October 15, 2014

Amazon wants you to buy Kindle Fire HDX and Amazon Fire TV for only $249. Sweet

Awesome deal of the day can get any consumer the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX and Amazon Fire TV for only $249 in the same package. Excited? Why shouldn't you be.

Phones/Tablets/Mobile Tech June 17, 2014

Amazon Fire TV vs. Apple TV vs. Google Chromecast: Who will win?

Amazon entered the TV battle royale Wednesday with the introduction of Fire TV, a set-top box complete with a controller. Fire TV costs $99 just like Apple TV, which is significantly more than Chromecast, which goes for just $35. So, which one is best for you?

Gadgets April 3, 2014

Amazon announces FireTV set-top box: A possible cloud based video game console?

Amazon is aiming to step above the competition with its new set-top box that is also a video game console.

Gadgets April 2, 2014

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