Chun-Li joins Ryu as a Power Ranger fighting against evil Rangers in Legacy Wars
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Chun-Li joins Ryu on the list of Street Fighter characters to don the Power Rangers costume. Dubbed 'Chun-Li Ranger,' the martial artist renews the fight against evil rangers in  Power Rangers: Legacy Wars.

Mighty Morphin' Time

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is a crossover fighting game between different Power Rangers shows, serving as a video game tie-in to the 2017 film Power Rangers. In the game, the space witch Rita Repulsa gained access to the multiverse. 

Power Rangers from different dimensions have to join together to stop her from enacting her evil plans. But just as how Rita Repulsa is a former Power Ranger gone rogue, she also commands an army of evil Rangers to help her achieve her goals.

Legacy Wars pits players against each other. Each player chooses one main character and two support characters. Although players can only control the main character to fight against the other player, support characters could be summoned to help out in battle.

Power Ranger - Street Fighter Crossover

Rita Repulsa's powers would eventually lead her to M. Bison, Street Fighter's boss character. The witch is impressed with M. Bison's power, despite having been recently defeated by Ryu and Chun-Li. She then used her powers to reanimate M. Bison, who then helped her launch an invasion on their own world.

Power Rangers and Street Fighter collaborated in May 2018 to bring Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Akuma, Cammy, and M. Bison to the game, bringing the total number of playable characters to more than 50. 

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In October 2018, a promotional short film was created to promote the Street Fighter content of Legacy Wars, called Power Rangers Legacy Wars: Street Fighter Showdown. In-game, Ryu Ranger became a playable character after being given the Crimson Hawk Power Coin, making him the first Street Fighter character to become a Power Ranger.

Mighty Morphin' Kikosho

Continuing the odd partnership, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars' most recent update gave Chun-Li the Power Coin, turning her into a Power Ranger. Just like Ryu, the Ranger costume gives Chun-Li an empowered moveset. However, Ryu Ranger is classified as a Gold Ranger, while Chun-Li is classified as a Blue Ranger.

In the Power Rangers universe, Gold Rangers are usually late-additions to the team. Meanwhile, Blue Rangers have always been present in the series just like the Red Ranger. Blue Rangers are also generally the "smart one" out of the Power Rangers.

In celebration of the release of Chun-Li Ranger, the "coinless" Chun-Li, along with the rest of the Street Fighter cast are for sale right now in-game. A limited time event revolving around Chun-Li and Cammy also came with the update.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars currently has over 50 million downloads and is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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