Google Stadia, the new service of the tech titan that allows one to play video games as if he is streaming his favorite Netflix TV show, "Stranger Things," launched a week with so many hopes from the aficionados. Right after the launch, Stadia immediately took criticisms for having just a few features, a poor games lineup, and slow response time. Come2020, it is set to have one more issue to face-its competition.

Indeed, quite a challenging issue will await Google Stadia especially that 2020 will mark a new generation's beginning, particularly that of the video games generation's, powered by the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 5 and the next Xbox of Microsoft, both of which are set to be released in the fall. It looks like these three gaming platforms are not the only ones to be recognized as the top game streaming apps on devices, which include smartphones. Also seen as a big opportunity in the tech world is yet another big player, Nintendo.

The Future Big Players in the Gaming Field

For Google's game streaming, its entry point is Stadia, a gaming service with a promise that it is using the tech giant's vast and "almost global network of powerful computers" for the streaming of video games directly to phones, TVs and computers via the Internet. However, now that Google's launched to combined reviews, some people are suggesting for the gamers to steer clear, even though they can use Stadia for free after they a Google game.

Scott Stein, the editor of CNET, explained in his review of the game, "Until Google finds a way to loop in YouTube and create really unique competitive extensive games," Stadia is not worth a gamer's time yet. However, in the same online tech report, it was indicated that the future Stadia promised is not too far off. Last month, Sony had its 5-year-old PlayStation revamped. As far as the streaming service is concerned, the same site described that providing access to over 800 games costs just $9.99 monthly, including the popular action game, "God of War."

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Competitors' Entry

Meanwhile, Microsoft has already begun with the public beta testing of its gaming service, also known as the Project xCloud gaming service. This gaming provides more than 50 games, which include the new sci-fi shooting game entitled, "Gears 5" and the famous Halo games. Moreover, the company offers, too, a subscription service, also known as the Xbox Game Pass, giving the players access to over 100 game titles, again, which starts at $9.99 every month.

People from the tech world believe that the plan of Amazon for a video game service in the future is a "foregone conclusion," in spite of its struggles in the game-making industry. This then means layoffs. Rather than the people citing Amazon's sprawling $119 each year, Prime subscription empire, which includes music streaming already, applauded video dealings such as free crockery delivery, The Man in the High Castle, and many more. 

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