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With every passing day, eco-conscious consumers of tech products are finding it easier to say 'hi' to a greener lifestyle; all thanks to the ever-evolving tech manufacturers who constantly keep them in mind. However, for these consumers, going green does not necessarily equate to letting go of the glamorous cutting-edge modern technology they expect.

Luckily for them, there is a growing list of home technological products, in the market today, that fits these requirements. From smart appliances that help save energy and costs to user-friendly gadgets that work just fine with the help of a mobile application, there are so many high-tech selections available in the market today, all of which have the ability to make the home more energy-sustainable.

Here's a quick look at some top tech products that can help households save more on energy cost; one device at a time.

High-tech Thermostat

First of all, we all know for a fact how much we need a heating or cooling system in our homes. But the cost of operation of many of these systems has discouraged many from using them. And in a world where people are constantly looking for the best IVA company around to help them sort their debts, it is not surprising to see people finding ways to hack down their monthly bills, including the heating and cooling bills. In this day and age, however, tech consumers need not worry anymore about these issues. Of course, a smart thermostat isn't a new idea in the market space, but a high-tech thermostat that helps cut down energy consumption, cooling and heating cost are listed among the few devices leading the pack today.

For example, the Nest Learning Thermostat from the stable of Nest Labs helps adjust the temperature in the home based on your schedule and lifestyle. This thermostat is modern and looks sleek - with its steel aesthetic stainless.

The Nest Thermostat studies your habits and stores data; all thanks to its algorithms, high-tech sensors, and could computing. It incorporates the weather forecast and recalls your schedules. The thermostat can be comfortably controlled via a mobile app or a computer and accessed on-the-go. With this type of thermostat, not only will you be able to reduce your monthly energy costs, but you will also have minimal reasons to use an IVA calculator since your bills would be drastically reduced.

Smart Eco-friendly Appliances

An entire line of smart appliances was unveiled by LG - from the eco-friendly washing machine to refrigerator that keeps track of your diet.

Once local utility homes and businesses start enabling the smart-grid tech, it will be possible to use a washing machine that saves huge energy use and comes with a Wi-Fi smart diagnosis. This implies that the machine will have the ability to operate during times of low power usage, and reserves the ability to make use of its energy-intensive wash cycles for off-peak times when electricity can be cheaper.

In addition to these, the washing machine can self-troubleshoot whenever an issue arises.

This is possible due to it's access to the internet. This feature nullifies the need for in-home visits and service calls.

Power Adapters

Cost and energy-saving tech devices are not known for big installations because they don't always require it. According to the CEA, 13% of home energy usage is due to the presence of consumer electronics in the home, and they can cost up to $190+ by just charging and powering up annually. This tells that there are many little things to one can do around the home to help save some costs on bills.

Green Plug, a key player in the DC/AC power adaptor field offers a smart solution that gives devices the exact amount of power needed by them. Green Plug calls it a "digital handshake" between the power supply and the device: if the amount of power required by the device to operate has been met, the power supply cuts off automatically.

Home Automation Lighting

These days, people are installing devices that connect to the home lighting system and can be controlled via apps. LED lighting has been proven to be energy-efficient but people are taking steps further by controlling these energy-efficient lighting via installations that help them adjust the switch from anywhere.

Automation lighting used to be a form of luxury. Now it's a strategy. A good one for the matter.

With time, even water and the sprinkler system will be automated and unnecessary energy and costs expended will be saved eventually.

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