Kickstarter Launches Ebo-- Cat's New Robotic Companion
(Photo : Ebo Kickstarter ) Kickstarter Launches Ebo-- Cat's New Robotic Companion

It is widespread knowledge that cats are what we can call as the "apathetic roommate." Most of the time, you can just leave them in the kitchen, and cats would not care at all. However, this information tends to be a little bit twisted from the real fact. 

Cats demand attention. As reported by the Insider, cats are usually compared to dogs. This is what owners should not do. Based on fact, the level of attention-seeking that dogs have cannot be compared to cats as these furry companions do not bark or cry for attention from their owners. However, this does not mean that they want to be left by themselves every time. 

This is the main reason why a group of Kickstarters started a cute program designed for our feline friends. 

Meet Ebo: An Interactive Friend for Cats

Ebo, the Smart Robot Companion for cats, was recently launched through a funding website of Kickstarter. A developer named Hong Zhu from Los Angeles, California, came up with the idea of the so-called "cat's best friend."

Aside from being a companion, Ebo was also designed to make cats do some exercise. With its ergonomic design, able to wheel on any direction—whether in spinning, twisting or rolling—cats will be able to lose some weight once their attention is caught by Ebo. 

Cats are normally cuter when fat, but it is not a good sign for their health. Obesity is one of the main reasons why the mortality rate of cats are getting higher from the past years. 

"We are aware of the increasing rate of pet obesity and neglect in the past years, and we wanted to create a solution. So, we put our minds together and after working on over 100 iterations and undergoing rigorous rounds of testing, we are proud to finally showcase Ebo to the public," said Ebo developers. 

With it's over two-inch tall, cats are guaranteed to be entertained physically, emotionally, and behaviorally with their new friend. Interestingly, Ebo can also mimic any living creatures in their surroundings—making the toy more interactive with pets. 

As posted in Kickstarter, the funding for this cute robot already reached pledges worth of less than $200,000. Once the company reaches its goal to have enough pledges, only by then the funding will start. 

What is it for Pet Owners?

Though we do have Ebo to replace us when we're not around in the house for our pets, it is still the owners' responsibility to take care of their pets. This fact will not just give benefit to our furry best friends but even to ourselves. Not convinced? Here are the facts:

People with pets have a lesser chance of having depression and high blood pressure. Compared to non-pet owners, playing with cats or dogs can elevate the relaxing hormones to our bodies like serotonin and dopamine. 

So whether you are thinking of having your pets to own Ebo or spend some quality time with them, nothing changes the fact that we do need pets, and that works both ways. 

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