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Xur, Destiny 2 players' favorite NPC vendor, is back this weekend. If you're wondering "Where is Xur" or what he's selling, we've got you covered today.

Reaching Xur

Xur can be found in the EDZ this week. To be more specific, he's somewhere in the winding cove. He's in the northern part of the area, right next to the fallen, well, Fallen ship. You can either jump to the rightmost cliffs to reach him. Or if you don't like doing minor jumping puzzles, there's also a nearby cave that goes up to the cliff where Xur is standing.

What's Does Xur Sell

Xur is always going to be selling six different things: An Exotic Engram that gives your character a non-quest reward exotic that your character has not yet found, a weapon, a class-specific exotic for each of the character classes (Titan, Hunter, Warlock), and a quest that grants you a powerful reward upon completion. You can only get the Exotic Engram once per account, so switching characters to get multiple Exotic Engrams isn't possible. If you're looking to maximize the Exotic Engram, it's best that you buy acquire everything else Xur is selling first and then buying the Exotic Engram on a class that you're looking a specific Exotic for since it's possible to get class-specific Exotics from the Exotic Engram.

Let's take a look at what non-engram items he's selling specifically this week:

The Wardcliff Coil

One of the most sought after (and fun) heavy weapons the game has to offer. The Wardcliff Coil is unlike any other rocket launcher in the game. Its first perk, Mad Scientist, is what defines its uniqueness: instead of firing a single rocket, it instead fires a volley. This makes the Wardcliff Coil ideal for destroying large swaths of enemies in front of you. The second perk, Mechanized Autoloader, automatically reloads the rocket launcher when you pick up heavy ammo. This allows you to keep on firing your Rocket Launcher as long as there's heavy ammo around. Alternatively, you can fire your Wardcliff Coil, switch to another weapon, and pick up heavy ammo on the ground. This way, your heavy weapon is ready to fire when you switch back to it, removing the need to reload it.

The Sixth Coyote

An exotic piece that first appeared in Forsaken, this Hunter chest piece has the unique perk Double Dodge, which, you guessed it, gives its users the ability to dodge twice in succession. Those starting with their collection will find a friend in The Sixth Coyote, but other Hunter Exotics overshadows the chest piece in both PVP and PVE.

Verity's Brow

An exotic helmet for Warlocks, Verity's Brow gives the Warlock and its nearby allies the ability to regenerate grenade energy faster for each energy weapon kill the Warlock makes. While the ability is good in most situations, Warlocks are better off using their Exotic armor limit for something else (Like the Geomag Stabilizers for PVE or Karnstein Armlets for PVP).

One-Eyed Mask

The bane of every PVP player, One-Eyed Mask is a must-have for any Titan who wishes to go into the Crucible. When enemies deal damage to you while you're equipped with the One-Eyed Mask, they're left with a mark that allows you to track them (and even see through walls). By killing marked targets, you'll be granted an overshield that allows you to keep on fighting. Be warned, however, that Bungie has stated in their This Week at Bungie column that they're looking to nerf the One-Eyed Mask soon.

Connection Problems with Destiny Servers

However, Bungie's servers seem to have been hit with problems recently. Both Destiny 1 and 2 servers have been hit with problems, as stated in Bungie's support Twitter account. The cause, as of time of writing, has been identified, but Bungie has not released any further details. Bungie has taken down certain features from their website,, as well as restricting access to the Destiny API. They have also brought down the game servers themselves and are conducting maintenance to deploy the necessary fixes. It is likely that any weekend event (including Xur's appearance) might be extended.

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