'State of Decay 2' Sets to Bring Zombies Into Steam in 2020
(Photo : State of Decay 2 Game Facebook Account) 'State of Decay 2' Sets to Bring Zombies Into Steam in 2020

Are you among people who enjoy zombie games and stories? Whether it is on movies, comics, themes for fun runs, and much more on video games, these undead creatures give us feels and excitement as we bash their heads up against the wall. 

From the most famous zombie video games such as Resident EvilWalking DeadDead Rising, or Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, zombies infected people, and humans seemed not to escape this infection. 

However, playing these games might cause you some bizarre emotions in the end. Still, who does not like weird things, right? 

Just like Steam, a world-known video game digital distribution service, announced this week that they will soon cater one of the most popular zombie-slaying game of Undead Labs—the 'State of Decay 2.If you are a fan of State of Decay series, you already knew that the very first State of Decay was already sold with Steam back on its first launch in 2013. 

This partnership seemed to be successful since Undead Labs, along with Microsoft, now allows players to try State of Decay 2 on Steam. Unfortunately, not for this year.

A Mixture of Zombie Stories—That is What 'State of Decay 2' is

State of Decay is a zombie survival fantasy video game first launched in 2013 and was developed by Undead Labs along with its merger company Microsoft. Since its release, a lot of S.O.D. fans demand a more polished storyline for the characters in the game. As the developers described, they wanted for the State of Decay fans to feel and use 'real-life logic' in the game.

There goes their idea to create a series out of the game called State of Decay 2

Launched in May 2018, S.O.D. 2 reimagined zombie video games since players observed its 'realistic' difference from other zombie-themed video games. 

"State of Decay 2 uses real-life logic. You want a book? Check a library. A repair kit for the car? Check a garage. And if you get desperate there are always human enclaves to trade with. This "real life logic" also applies to zombies. If you want to slow them down you should take out their legs. If you don't want them to keep hitting you, you dismember their arms. Easy.," as posted on their website. 

In 2020, the State of Decay 2 fans can play and enjoy the game via Steam. Though the pricing and other details of the said game are not yet published on the website, the video game distribution company has already said that the game will support four-person Xbox Live Crossplay—same as the version available in Microsoft Store. 

Updates For State of Decay 2 Soon!

Undead Labs said that updates for the release of the game in Steam will be publicly posted on their website on Monday at 6 pm EST. 

Once this goes live, are you ready to fight those zombies with your 'most real' character? You can choose from their list of survivors—however, once you let them die, no more resurrections will be up for grabs. 

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