Star Wars Merch You'll Need While Watching Rise of Skywalker
(Photo : Screenshot from: Williams Sonoma Twitter ) Star Wars Merch You'll Need While Watching Rise of Skywalker

It's the season to be jolly as Star Wars merch are spreading out so fast too fast that the fans of this epic sci-fi media franchise began to rate them all down from best to the worst type of representation of the classic film. 

Now that the Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker released its breathtaking teaser. Fans are going wild to find out what will be the ending of the third Star Wars trilogy along with the characters of Rey, Finn, Poe, and Luke Skywalker. 

The said 9th film will be aired on Dec. 20 on its international screening, which was speculated to reach a runtime of two hours and 35 minutes. If this is true, it will have the third spot for the longest Star Wars film of all time. 

Since the upcoming Star Wars is said to be one of the longest films from the series, following the Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones, having different merchandises along with you might help you more to feel the Force within.

Top Star Wars Merchandise You Can Buy

Whenever Star Wars releases its new film, a lot of different companies from the fashion industry are up, making the most intriguing merchandises all up for grabs. Here's the list of the newest and trending Star Wars merchandise of the year that you can easily have access to around the world.

World Balance and Star Wars Partnership

If you are a World Balance fan and Star Wars fan, you might already encounter this epic partnership between the two companies. World Balance just recently made their products available for all. From their coolest set of Millenium falcon-inspired caps to their different awesome sets of rubber shoes designed as Chewbacca, Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, and R2-D2.

'The Child' Merchandise

The surprising debut of the live-action 'The Child' which features the story of Baby Yoda has gained a lot of interested fans who love the iconic gremlin. With that, Star Wars created a new set of merchandise from the story that created, somehow, a disappointing take on the film. Still, here comes the set of 'The Child' products that you might like for your movie night.

Although Disney had their eyes for this live-action, Disney might not enter the world of Star Wars toys since the issue behind its release of toy merchandise turned flopped despite its huge expectation from its fans.

Williams Sonoma x Star Wars 

Instant pots are now slowly becoming trending after Williams Sonomas grabbed the style and shape of Star Wars in a whole new dimension. Who can imagine that Star Wars and cooking wares can be matched to each other? 

Here are some of the best cooking wares you can use to cook your food for the upcoming Star Wars night.

"We have joined forces with #InstantPot to bring you a special edition @starwars x @InstantPot collection. Transform ingredients into the best meals in minutes with Instant Pot machines, featuring your favorite galactic characters," stated Williams Sonoma on twitter. 

Use the Force as you choose the best merchandise you can to avail these top merchandises available in the market. 

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