Cyber Monday Deals
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On Monday morning, Dec. 2, Adobe reported that the Unites States sales have already beaten $473 million and have been forecast to achieve $9.4 billion by the end of Cyber Monday. This meant an 18.9% increase from last year's Cyber Monday, which is presently the biggest online sales day in the history of the U.S. The salesforce anticipates Monday's worldwide digital sales to achieve a robust $30 billion, up 12%. In addition, buying was expected to hit the highest point in the evening, with shoppers spending around $11 million on the average a minute between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. P.T.

In an article posted on online tech news site, CNET, Adobe, a software giant, said it expected "online merchants to get a boost from the weather, too, as heavy rains and snow hit large swath of the country over the weekend," and on Cyber Monday, resulting in more and more people staying at home. Meanwhile, Salesforce vice president Rob Garf said they're seeing "a very strong digital holiday thus far." He added it was in huge part due to the retailers' demand they're attempting to drum up from early November. The initial work was undeniably essential, especially that there were six fewer days between Cyber Monday and Christmas than in 2018.

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A Positive Holiday Sales

The reported early Cyber Monday sales point to an upbeat holiday sales season for retail, not to mention, highlight the years-long craze of shoppers moving more of their shopping or purchasing online and away from the traditional or physical stores. Those stores, on the other hand, should still contribute to the total holiday sales, although this switch to online shopping is forecasted to be a huge advantage, especially for Amazon, which, according to, "is by far the biggest online store in the country."

Nevertheless, as has turned to be a normal practice for the biggest sales days of Amazon, protesters are reported to have marched in Manhattan against Amazon on the afternoon of Cyber Monday. Protesters went to emphasize the on-the-job injuries at the warehouses of Amazon, as well as the company's work with the hundreds of local police and immigration authorities. This said demonstration followed a similar protest outside the State Island warehouse of Amazon last week.

Adobe's Reaffirmation

With the forecasted Cyber Monday sales this year, there is a reaffirmation from Adobe on its expectation that the overall holiday sales for e-commerce in the U.S. last month and this December will hit $143.7 billion, up 14.1% from last year. The figure was aided along by strong sales so far on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday, with c spending from the consumers who, more often than not, use their mobile phones and select the option to purchase online then pick up their bought items in store.

According to Garf, this year's retailers are finding more ways, too, to attract customers than just offering big discounts and promos, which has driven a "race to the bottom for years." He added merchants are currently rolling out flash out sales, limited-edition products, and celebrity tie-ins in their attempt to get the consumers to buy from them. Later this year, when the shipping cutoff schedules become a significant consideration, this Salesforce official said, "physical stores will get a lot more attention from consumers as they take advantage of picking up their shopped products" to make it in time for Christmas Day.

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