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Apple has now found and introduced a solution to the problem of parents with their kids, specifically their screen time spent on gadgets. Recently, the tech giant maker unveiled the latest additions to its "Screen Time" tools, both iPad and iPhone, providing parents innovative ways via the Apple iOS 13.3, to lessen or compress who their kids are communicating with via FaceTime, text messages including iMessage, and phone calls. 

These new features contributed to the free Screen Time parental controls of Apple, allowing parents to specify who their kids can talk to, be it a group of individuals or everyone, even those not saved in their contacts. For instance, with this latest offer, the adults in the family can already control if their child has gone over the time limit allotted for him or her for using an app. Apple CEO Tim Cook told CBS News, as published on CNET, even though these new Apple features are designed for children, the information he's gathered from Screen Time has been 'profound' more so as it has caused him to dial back how much his phone is used.

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More Screen Time Functions Added

The move of Apple to add more Screen Time functions is merely the latest of this industry leader's initiatives to respond to the anxiety of people about how the internet and phone connections are impacting both their relationships and lives. Several studies have found some signs of tech addiction, and indications were found too, that even the few gadget users who don't use their phones or tablets all the time are negatively affected by such devices, anyway.

Moreover, both the Apple investors and customers have pushed the firm to study the manner thoroughly its iPhones and countless applications available for them impact people, specifically the young ones. Early last year, one shareholder wrote Apple a letter, pointing to a growing body of proof that the use of mobile phones among the younger owners may have an "unintended negative consequence." Apple, in turn, has responded with a set of new Screen Time features that can help parents restrict the type of apps their kids can use. In addition, the new function provides "weekly and monthly reports" containing the breakdown of the frequency of use of the mobile device, and what it is used for. Apple initially introduced screen Time with iOS 12 in 2018.

Screen Time Managed via iOS 13.3 iPadOS 13.3

For parents with kids using an iPhone powered by iOs 13.3 and iPadOS 13.3, it is important to know that the said operating systems can set limits in communication for Facetime, iCloud, Message and Phone contacts. By doing so, they can better control the Screen Time for their kids, whether it's an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch they are using. From the time Screen Time was first introduced, Apple has continuously enhanced the feature by adding choices, not to mention, extending reach to macOS. 

In the meantime, during downtime, children can click the "One More Minute" option to allot another minute of screen time sans further interaction. Aside from the enhancements to Screen Time, iOS 13.3, according to, "adds new layouts in Apple News+ stories from newspapers," as well as the ability to use Bluetooth, FIDO2-compliant NFC, and Lightning security keys" with an iOS mobile device. Lastly, to enjoy and benefit from this new feature, the latest updates for iOS and iPadOS can now both be downloaded.

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