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Fixing Sleep Problems May Be As Simple As Limiting Screen Time For A Week

Screen time plays a big part in sleep quality and adolescent health. By cutting back on screen time, teenagers can significantly improve their sleep in just a single week.

Healthy Living/Wellness May 20, 2019

Apple Systematically Removing And Restricting Third-Party Screen Time Apps, Developers Claim

Apple has removed a handful of third-party screen management tools from the App Store after debuting its own Screen Time feature. Companies are pushing back with antitrust complaints.

Apps/Software April 29, 2019

WHO Says Children Below 2 Should Not Have Sedentary Screen Time

WHO released a new guideline, saying that children under 2 should not have any screen time. The panel said childhood health is best achieved through physical activity and good sleep.

Public Health April 25, 2019

Screen Time Not Harmful To Teenagers’ Well-Being, Says Study

Contrary to popular belief, heavy screen time, even before bed, doesn't negatively impact the well-being of teenagers. In a new study, researchers reveal there's little evidence linking screen time and mental health.

Healthy Living/Wellness April 8, 2019

High Level Of Screen Time Linked To Delays In Child Development

A study that involved about 2,400 toddlers found that the more screen time children have, the worse they fare in development tests. How much time should children spend viewing screens?

Public Health January 28, 2019

Heavy Screen Time May Cause Premature Changes In Brain Structure Among Kids: Study

MRI scans of children who spend more than seven hours a day watching interactive media showed significant changes in their brain structure. The American Academy for Pediatrics advised that children below 18 months should avoid screen time.

Neuroscience December 10, 2018

iOS 12 Screen Time Feature To Limit iPhone Usage Is No Match For Kids: Apple, Help!

Apple rolled out Screen Time alongside iOS 12, aiming to show users how much time they spend on their iPhones and help them reduce it. Screen Time's limiting features, however, have proven to be no match to determined children.

Apple September 28, 2018

iOS 12 Screen Time Feature Will Show You Use Your iPhone Too Much

Screen Time, one of the new iOS 12 features, will surprise people by showing them how much they use their iPhone. Even Apple CEO Tim Cook was surprised by the incredibly detailed information provided by Screen Time.

Apple June 18, 2018

Teenage boys at risk of osteoporosis due to long hours in front of computer: Study

A study in Norway shows boys with higher screen time more at risk of fractures and osteoporosis than girls due to lower bone density. Will physical activity decrease the risks?

Life April 6, 2014

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