Season of Dawn
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Destiny 2's storytelling change has players experience the overall story of Shadowkeep throughout the Seasons, as opposed to the previous 2 expansions where the story mostly ends at the end of the campaign. With the recent Season of Dawn, Bungie has players go back in time to save the mythical Saint-14. Of course, what would Destiny be without some awesome loot.

Finishing this season's campaign gives players access to Saint-14's very own Perfect Paradox. While veteran players from Year 1 would recognize that the Perfect Paradox has been in-game for some time, this new version is promised to be, in a word, Amazing.

Step 1: Complete A Matter of Time

This is the first quest of the season, given by Ikora ray in her porch in the Tower. The quest serves as an introduction to this season's mechanic: The Sundial on Mercury. Once you finish your first Sundial run, you'll have to return to Osiris. From there, he will give you three new quests. You'll want to grab "Recovering the Past" as that's the one that moves you towards the new Perfect Paradox.

Step 2: Recovering the Past

This quest has multiple steps. The first part is called "Field Research", where you need to defeat the three bosses. These bosses will drop energy patterns, which you need to progress the quest. You can choose to either do the Sundial activity or through Strikes. Sadly, Lost sector bosses don't count.

Next, you'll be on "Vex Data Collection". The name is a bit misleading as you don't really have to go kill vex for this quest. You'll just need 100 shotgun kills and 25 "melee ability" kills. By our testing, however, regular melee kills count as well. Feel free to do this activity with whichever shotgun you like in whichever activity you choose (Our suggestion would be either the Sundial again or through Forge runs)

Lastly, you'll have to do "Finishing Touches" which requires you to finish one Pyramidion strike. You'll also need to get five weapon enhancers, which drop from Strikes, Gambits, or Crucible matches.

Once you finish this, head to Osiris, and he'll give you two Perfect Paradoxes - one for you, and for you to give to Saint-14 in the future.

Step 3: An Impossible Task

This step will take you around the solar system as Osiris will be sending you to gather Vex parts. You'll need to travel to Io, Nessus, and Mercury. Once you land on those planets, you'll see five places marked on your map with X. Those locations will have a floating Vex cube, which you can shoot. Doing so will drop the Vex part that you need.

Once you're done with that, the next step is to hunt down some Vex finally. You'll need to defeat 25 challenging Vex and collect 50 pieces of Radiolarian Fluids by getting precision kills on Vex. You can do both parts at the same time, so we recommend staying in Vex infested areas such as Mercury, or Artifact's Edge in Nessus. Once you're done with this, you'll be meeting up with Osiris again. At this point, you'll finally start progressing the story still, as he gives you your next mission: Corridors of Time Part 1.

Step 4: Corridors of Time Part 1

You can start the mission by using the Sundial next to Osiris. Once you start the mission, you'll be dropped into the Corridors of Time. To progress, you'll just have to find an open, glowing door. You might need to kill some of the Vex to force some of the doors open. Eventually, you'll end up in the area where Saint-14 is waiting for you.

Once you drop into the chamber, you'll be facing a lot of Fallen. You'll also fight a Servitor and a Walker. Luckily, Saint-14 has a Ward of Dawn up, which you can use to your advantage. The bubble prevents Fallen from entering and also gives you a Weapons of Light damage boost. Use this to your advantage to deal with damage to the two bosses. We recommend that you kill the Servitor first as it usually shields the Walker from damage. Once you kill both of the bosses, the other Fallen will disappear, and you'll finally be able to talk to Saint-14.

Once you give Saint-14 his own Perfect Paradox, you'll be teleported back into orbit. Go back to Mercury to talk to Osiris, where he'll tell you to wait as the Sundial is recharging.

And as of now, that's it for this quest. Expect the conclusion of this storyline next week.

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