If you're reading this, you're probably considering cutting down your screen time. And let me guess: you're confused. You're not 100% certain you want to do this. So we advise you to take a step back and think about how the past week has been.

Ask yourself these questions: do you habitually reach for your phone when you're idle? Do you constantly compare your life to others? Do you feel disconnected from the people you love? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's high time you do a digital detox.

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How to Do a Social Media Detox

You can't kill your addiction overnight, so we've broken down our tips into three difficulty levels to help you slowly--but surely--disconnect from your digital apps.

Difficulty Level: Easy

1. Clean Your Feed

Here's a social media tip every user must know by heart: follow only the topics and people that are good for your mental health.

2. Track Your Usage

Download apps that track the time you spend online each day. Essentially, the results are made to motivate you to step away from the screen and use your time wisely.

3. Turn Off the Notifications

Hearing that Facebook pop or sensing the vibration from your phone can be extremely distracting. Try putting your phone on 'Silent' mode so you won't constantly reach for your handset to check your notifications.

Difficulty Level: Medium

4. Buy a Radio Alarm Clock

If you're serious about doing a digital cleanse, make sure you don't take your phone or any electronics to bed. You can buy an alarm clock if you rely on your digital device to wake you up in the morning.

5. Delete the Apps

One of the struggles of people going on a social media detox is having a fear of missing out on things when they go offline. By deleting the apps on your handset, you cut down on your screen time. You can always use your laptop or desktop computer to log into your accounts. 

6. Ditch the Phone

Ditching your phone and checking your feeds only when you're on your PC requires a lot of discipline. But if you want to be truly present during family gatherings or friendly get-togethers or avoid distractions when you're waiting in line at the grocery, this step is a must. 

Difficulty Level: Hard

7. Deactivate Your Accounts

If you've tried every other way to do a social media cleanse but are still struggling to disconnect, it might be time to deactivate your accounts. The thing is, it's easy to log back in if you know your credentials. In that case, the next step is for you.

8. Call a Friend

Ask a confidante to change your passwords and deny you access to your accounts unless it's urgent. Remember to give your login credentials only to someone who can be 100% trusted.

Final Words

We're all given only 24 hours each day. Make sure you have full control over the limited time you have by disconnecting from social media and making real-life connections with people you care about.

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