Don't Just Protect Your Heart, Protect Also Your Data While Using Dating Apps
(Photo : Photo by Ian Noble on Unsplash) Don't Just Protect Your Heart, Protect Also Your Data While Using Dating Apps

Falling in love and finding true love nowadays can be quite different from the past. If you are from the generation of millennials -- born in 1980 to 1994-- courting or finding someone to be intimate with are usually done through face-to-face interaction. However, for Generation Z-- born between 1995 to 2010, technology is one thing that they usually rely on-- even on meeting new people. And meeting new people also means dating and courtship in the present world. 

Although this looks easier compared to the past-- where you really have to know their actual emotions once you're confessing-- dating online can also be a negative thing for most Gen Z, and this is the reason why. 

Why Online Dating Can Be Dangerous For You

According to the survey, one out of three people in this world already tried online dating. "63% of them are more concerned about the device they use for online dating becoming infected, and 61% are concerned about their data being stolen or leaked from the dating app or service itself."

However, the survey also showed that only "27% of online daters use a security solution to protect their device and 16% do nothing at all to protect themselves as they see no risk." 

In conclusion, one thing that online daters do not worry at all on their dating apps is their security and personal information being breached with hackers or even by their own dating partners. If you do not want to be a victim of these scams and frauds, what are the things you should do to protect your data on dating apps? Here are the tips to protect data before you get too attached to your dating app.

Tips to Protect Your Data on Online Dating Apps

There's nothing sweeter than seeing two persons click after meeting online. However, let's admit it. Not everyone has this magical moment. Most of them can be too creepy for most of us. 

Think About your Other Social Media Accounts

Not that you're into 'ghosting' on online dating, but having your personal social media accounts connected to your dating apps can be a source of creepier messages from strangers you do not even know.

Nowadays, most dating apps require other social media accounts to be logged in before fully allowing you to join their app-- not that this is bad because this can also be your source to know whether you have mutual friends with your dating partner. But given the fact that your Facebook or Instagram has the name of your relatives, friends, working place, or even school can be too dangerous, so learn to dodge it if you can. 

Only Stay inside the App

There are times that once you get along with a person on dating apps, your contact information is next to be shared online. So if this happens, make sure that you do not let him/her on finding out your personal contact information. The reason behind this is that online dating apps already have their messenger feature where you two can talk-- why do you need to share your phone number?

Delete your Account Now!

Delete it! Until you've found someone trust and time-worthy. Not just because once you delete it, it means you're not single any more, but the fact that your information is still out there on several dating apps can be a source of identity theft. So, remember not just to delete the app but your account itself. 

Take this list and happy finding for your special someone!

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