One of the biggest aspects of dating culture today is online dating. Between popular dating apps like Tinder and websites like, finding a potential soul mate or hook-up is only a few swipes and clicks away.

We all know that a bad Tinder profile will quickly get you a left swipe. But just as important as your profile picture are the words you use to describe yourself and what interests you.

Browsing through a bunch of profiles may be boring if you keep seeing people who describe themselves as dog lovers, spontaneous, or easy-going. But it's interesting to see just how much people's personalities and interests vary by state.

Last year, Mashable asked to shed some light on the interests of online daters across the country. Match analyzed thousand of dating profiles to create an interactive map of the U.S. that reveals the most-used word online daters use according to state.

And you may be shocked by the most popular world used in online dating profiles.

Some user's main interest go hand in hand to the popular culture of that state. For example, Florida's main interest is "Disney," while New York's is "museums."

There are a few popular words that fit perfectly for that state, such as "casino" in Nevada, "oil" in Texas, "snowboarding" in Colorado, and "surf" in Hawaii.

However, there are a few shocking ones. "Amusement" was the most popularly used word in online dating profiles in Pennsylvania, so if you're into types who like roller coasters and amusement parks, then there's lots of matches for you there.

People from Mississippi commonly use the word "lookin," a word that may shock some, whereas those in New Jersey like to "lounge." Online daters in Missouri enjoy the "zoo," and those in Tennessee like time spent out on the "porch."

South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, and Kansas is all about the "farm," and Alaska, Minnesota and Wisconsin are the places to find people who enjoy a cozy "cabin."

Nascar fans can be found in Indiana, and "basketball" online dating super-fans are mostly in Kentucky.
"Grilling" is popular in Alabama and Georgia, and "hunting" is popular in Arkansas, Louisiana, Montana and Wyoming.

Online daters enjoy going "downtown" in South Carolina and to the "ocean" in Rhode Island.

The interactive map may help you find the ideal person based on their interests — even though you may have to move to a new state to find them.

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