Why Should You Use Linux?
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When people debate which operating system is the best-either MacOS or Windows-not many mention the third option: Linux. Why is that?

See, Linux has its own niche in the tech industry, but that's it. Yes, you can use Linux as your daily driver, but learning Linux can take a long time depending on which distro, Linux's word for "version", you have.

But I'm not saying you shouldn't use Linux. In fact, if you're into technology at all, I recommend using Linux for a month or two just to see how it works and the things you can do with Linux.

But what if you're not that into tech? Don't worry, I got you covered. Here are several reasons why you should use Linux, if only for a limited time!

Linux Offers More Customization

The main gripe about Apple's Operating System is that you can't customize much, due to the OS's proprietary nature. Windows is much better, that much is true. However, let's not discount the customization that Linux can offer you.

To start off, let's talk about "distros", short for distributions. Linux offers infinite customizability, which means users have made their own versions of the OS. For example you can download the advanced Proton distro. Maybe you want to start with a beginner-friendly distro, in which case I'd point you towards Ubuntu.

Even Valve, a video game company, developed their own Linux distro, Proton, to be compatible with their platform, Steam!

Windows offers a lot of customizability, but Linux contains infinite possibilities, which brings me to my next point: advanced tools.

Advanced Settings

The main draw of Linux is how you can customize everything, and one way in which the user can accomplish this is by messing with the "terminal", AKA the command prompt of Linux. The OS lets you do anything from the terminal, and programmers/sysadmins love Linux for this very reason. Since you can control everything from one terminal, Linux works best with servers.

Want to download a Linux VPN for your device? No problem! Find some instructions on the Internet and enter the commands into the terminal and boom-you have a VPN!

But what if you don't care about customization? What if the only reason you're looking at different operating systems is because your laptop is crumbling under the weight of the newest Windows update? Linux may still be for you!

Linux is a Lightweight OS

Saying Linux is a lightweight OS is sort of insulting to the OS, but it's half-true. Linux can be as lightweight as you need it to be, which is why Linux makes a good OS for computers that are crumbling under the weight of the new OS versions.

That said, you could make Linux the heaviest OS to exist, depending on which distro you install and what you do with it. However, most user-friendly distros are lightweight and good for any laptop/desktop.

Linux is a Stable System

When it comes to stability, no operating system compares to Linux. When you download a distro, you don't need to worry about crashes, fatal errors, major bugs, etc. All you need to worry about is how much you want to customize your distro.

Different distros have different levels of stability so shop around if this is an important factor for you.


This article wasn't meant to give you an in-depth look into Linux and the distros that make it what it is today, but merely a glimpse into why going with Linux isn't a bad idea-it can even be a great idea for you and your use cases!

There are many reasons why you would choose Windows or MacOS, but there are just as many reasons why you'd choose Linux. After all, the Linux operating system wouldn't have the cult following it does today if it didn't have its unique appeal. What are you waiting for? Go out there and download Linux!

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