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The newest Resident Evil 3 Remake trailer just dropped and shows for the first time the latest and updated look of iconic Resident Evil baddie Nemesis.

In the new trailer, the game's protagonist Jill, getting thrown around, against the backdrop of a burning Racoon City. She gets saved by Carlos, whose old fans of the original Resident Evil 3 game might very much be familiar with.

The scene then shifts towards the city's subway system, where one of Carlos's superiors (who we think is Mikhail Victor) tells Jill that they are cut-out from the outside world and that they're desperately in need of help. The clip then shows various variations of zombies and other mutated freaks that have infested Racoon City.

The last part of the trailer shows Jill getting hunted down by Nemesis. The hulking monstrosity carries with him his flamethrower, and his tentacle-y appendages show fans how mobile Nemesis is, despite its massive size.

Updated visuals for a new generation

The trailer showcases off its gorgeous looking visuals. As the dawn of a new console generation awaits us at the end of the year, we finally see developers push the PS4 and the Xbox One to its limits. The fire's animation is very much convincing, and the superb lighting creates a tense atmosphere perfect for a city crumbling into disorder. Environmental textures are also great, finally realizing a Racoon City that children could only imagine in their heads 20 years ago.

Besides graphical fidelity, we also see the updated looks of Resident Evil 3s supporting cast. Carlos, according to his background, is from South America, and his original interpretation has him look more Japanese than anything else. His new and updated look shows a more gruffy and toughened mercenary, apt for his fictional background as a Communist Guerilla. His hair, which was previously depicted as brown, is now a curly black which is a very common hairstyle found in South America.

Mikhail Victor also received some graphical updates and interpretations. He is much less stout and looks much more fit, which definitely goes with him being a military man. The new model also incorporates grey facial hair and much more details facial creases that showcase a weary man who has seen many terrible things.


While fans of Resident Evil were happy to receive a reboot of Resident Evil 2' (alongside its main player-chasing zombie Mr. X), Resident Evil 3 was the more popular game of the two for the series' fans. When the remake of Resident Evil 2 was announced, people were asking if three was getting its modern rendition as well. Development of Resident Evil 3 was mostly a rumor, as Capcom was focusing on Project Resistance after Resident Evil 2 Remake. With the announcement of Resident Evil 3 Remake, fans eagerly awaited how Capcom would modernize one of the most iconic horror games of all time.

The new Resident Evil 3 remake carries a lot of elements from the Resident Evil 2 remake, which has a great balance between action and horror. 'Resident Evil 3 Remake' also has an asymmetrical multiplayer component coming with it. Named Resident Evil: Resistance, it pits one player as the director of an underground maze against four players who control survivors. The survivors have to work together to escape while the director can place down traps, send zombies, and even send the Tyrant to terrorize the survivors.

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