Twitter Doesn't Know Who Paul McCartney Is, Thanks Kanye For 'Discovering' Him


It's becoming more and more apparent that a new generational gap is forming. Whereas one generation didn't grow up with iPhones and high-speed internet, the newest generation sees these things as everyday commodities. It's natural for gaps like this to form, and with those gaps come plenty of hilarious consequences.

With how quickly technology is advancing, these gaps show themselves more frequently nowadays. There are the usual complaints (like 'those darn kids never put their phones down'), but it's really the disconnect between the two generations that stings. For instance, it seems unimaginable that the younger generation doesn't know who the Beatles are.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what happened this past week after a collaboration between Kanye West and the legendary Paul McCartney debuted. It's hard to imagine that McCartney would ever be 'discovered' by Kanye West, but according to Twitter, that's how it happened:

As is the usual, Twitter was soon overtaken with tweets about the aging Beatles star. Aside from the standard outrage, there were plenty of tweets that were obviously sarcastic: people trolling for a quick laugh at the younger generation's expense. That being said, many of the tweets asking who this 'Paul McCartney' guy was seemed legit:

While seeing a story like this is still all sorts of sad, it's really just a byproduct of aging in a culture that glorifies a new celebrities seemingly every 15 minutes. Sir McCartney has seen something of a career revival over the past few years, and in the end, the older generation should just be happy that the newer, younger generation is being exposed to the legendary performer. After all, how many people went out and researched his music once all of this started? There are going to be hundreds of new Beatles fans once all of this is done; it's almost guaranteed. Even so, that doesn't stop tweets like this from summing up how we feel:

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