X Marks The Spot Sails
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Sea of Thieves is gifting its players with a free sail and emote, but only for a limited time. To celebrate the game crossing the 10-million player mark, the game's developer Rare is handing out the tattered 'X' Marks the Spot Sails, as well as accompanying 'emote' that goes with it (which also has the same name).

In order to claim these freebies, Sea of Thieves players will just have to log in from Jan.15 to 22. However, players won't find the sails nor the emote in their inventory immediately. They'll have to wait until February's content drop before they get access to their truly pirate looking Sails and Emote.

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Sea of Thieves Free Stuff for Freebooters

Rare is quite generous in giving out Sails to its player base. While the game has a lot of sources to acquire sails from (Ranging from buying them in-game using Gold or Doubloons or purchasing them using micro transactions), some sails can only be acquired through promotions or events.

One such item is for the promotion of Microsoft's newest Gears of Wars game, 'Gears 5'. Players who logged in from November 13 to 22, 2019, were able to acquire the Omen set, which featured the red 'Gears' logo on top of a black background. They also had a promotion that was held earlier that year, granting players customizable options for their ships that were directly inspired by the Halo series. Those who logged in from June 10 to 15 2019 or August 20 to 24 2019 were granted a green-themed UNSC inspired ship set.

Full Stream Ahead

The game also collaborated with some streamers and Twitch, all of which also gave out limited edition sails. Twitch Prime subscribers who had an active subscription from November 25, 2019 to Jan. 7 were able to pick up the Celestial Steed Sail for free (the code was up for grabs in Twitch Prime's loot page). This particular sail was colored in Twitch purple and featured a unicorn on the face of the sail.

Joining the Sea of Thieves' Creator Crew also gave a sail to streamers who streamed the game for 5 minutes. The Gilded Phoenix Sails was given out to those who completed this requirement. The sail was a golden eagle laid on top of a plain white backdrop.

Rare also teamed up with prominent 'Sea of Thieves' streamer TheFrostE. In this collaboration, players who won the streamer's gameshow "Loot & Lore" were given the appropriately titled Loot N' Lore Sails.

Rocky Seas, and then Smooth Sailing

Sea of Thieves didn't quite have a smooth start. The game was riddled with bugs during its initial launch, as well as lacking content. This made players quit the game as there was little to do outside of the gameplay loot of looking for treasure, carrying in onto the ship, and delivering it to port while repelling or fighting other player-controlled pirate crews.

The game has improved ever since, with the developers adding in more content with each subsequent patch. For example, the current patch, Legends of the Sea, tasks players to hunt down and collect the Tales of Legendary Adventurers. This new game feature lets players go out and explore the world of 'Sea of Thieves; where they are tasked to document the tales and legends of notorious pirates. Players can start their search by talking to Umbra, who will point them towards their first clues. Those who successfully do so will be granted special customization options.

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