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Here's How To Play 'Sea Of Thieves' For Free This Week Via Its 'Friends Play Free' Promo

'Sea of Thieves' is free to play this week, thanks to its 'Friends Play Free' promo. As the name implies, those who own the game can invite up to three friends to play with them at no cost at all.

Video Games February 5, 2019

Sea Of Thieves Update Lets You Form A Crew With Only Your Friends

Rare released a 'Sea of Thieves' update that added one of the most requested feature: having a private crew. Players now have the option to form an open crew with random people or a friends-only crew.

Video Games May 20, 2018

Sea Of Thieves Update Promises Players Won't Run Out Of Things To Do

Rare recently revealed its 'Sea of Thieves' content plans, with The Hungering Deep being the first to drop next month. Two more content updates were planned for release in summer, which should keep the players busy.

Video Games April 17, 2018

PUBG Is Going To Be Free To Play For Xbox Live Gold Members

Microsoft promotes 'PUBG' on Xbox One yet again as it announced Free Play Days offer. The battle royale shooter will be available for download to qualified members of Xbox Live Gold along with all of its game modes.

Video Games April 12, 2018

First 'Sea Of Thieves' Pirate Legend Stands His Ground Against Critics

Robert 'Prod1gyX' Paz, first to achieve Pirate Legend Status in 'Sea of Thieves,' claimed that he was only playing the game. According to him, he did not cheat his way through like many believe.

Video Games April 3, 2018

Sea Of Thieves First Pirate Legend Is Here, Spurs #NotMyPirateLegend Hashtag

Rare recently crowned the first Pirate Legend for "Sea of Thieves" but gamers seem to disagree. Complaints flooded the social media as gamers promoted the hashtag #NotMyPirateLegend to draw the attention of Microsoft and the game developers.

Video Games March 30, 2018

Sea Of Thieves Voice Chat Not Working? Here's How To Fix It

Some players have been having trouble with the 'Sea of Thieves' voice chat feature on both PC and Xbox One. Here are ways to solve the issue.

Video Games March 27, 2018

'Sea Of Thieves' Launch Issues: Here's What The Error Codes Mean And How To Fix Them

Xbox One and PC players are experiencing a variety of 'Sea of Thieves' launch issues, including various error messages. Here's what you can try to hopefully fix the problems and finally play the open-sea pirate adventure.

Video Games March 21, 2018

Rare's Reddit AMA For 'Sea Of Thieves': Here Are The Biggest Takeaways

Rare invited its fans to participate in their most recent Reddit AMA for 'Sea of Thieves' as its launch draws closer. Based on some of the answers given by members of the development team, the game seems to have been rushed to meet its release schedule.

Video Games March 19, 2018

Microsoft Will Give You ‘Sea Of Thieves’ For Free If You Buy An Xbox One X

Microsoft has announced a pretty sweet deal. From March 18 through 24, every person who buys a brand-new Xbox One X will get ‘Sea of Thieves’ free of charge.

Video Games March 17, 2018

Rare To Hold Another 'Sea Of Thieves' Scale Test This Weekend

Game developer Rare scheduled to hold another scale test for 'Sea of thieves' this weekend. It plans to deliberately stress the servers to ensure quality upon launch.

Video Games March 2, 2018

Sea Of Thieves System Requirements: Even Your Old Laptop Can Probably Run It

Rare posted an update on the official trailer for 'Sea of Thieves.' Surprisingly, the information included details for the lowest specifications that can still decently run the game.

Video Games February 16, 2018

8 Best New And Upcoming Video Game Releases For Xbox One, PS4, And PC

Enstars has lined up new and soon to be released video games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. See which games made the list of our top picks.

Video Games January 20, 2018

Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: Microsoft To Still 'Take Risks' Despite 'Scalebound' Cancellation

Microsoft is moving to appease disappointed fans after 'Scalebound's' cancellation. Xbox top honcho Phil Spencer is now pushing upcoming titles to reassure players in its platform that the company is committed to building new and diverse titles.

Video Games January 12, 2017

Rare Was Almost Acquired By Activision Back In The Day

Rare's future, and Microsoft's, could have been much different.

Video Games June 27, 2016

Despite 'Scalebound' Delay, Microsoft Has A Big List Of Xbox One Exclusives For 2016

2015 may have been 'the greatest games lineup in Xbox history,' but 2016 isn't looking too shabby, either.

Geek January 4, 2016

Two Big Xbox Exclusives Are Sitting Out GamesCom 2015

E3 2015 was a big deal for Microsoft - but the fact that GamesCom is only a few months later means that not everything from E3 will make its way to Germany's biggest gaming show of the year.

Geek July 22, 2015

E3 2015: Rare Unveils 'Sea Of Thieves,' Announces 'Rare Replay' Bundle Of 30 Classic Games For $30

Rare announced a new pirate themed IP as well as a bundle of classic Rare games during Microsoft's E3 press conference.

Geek June 15, 2015

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