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Do you want to integrate fax services in your business or professional career? Well, like you, many people search for a local fax company that can setup a fax system for them to send and receive faxes.

Since the landline has become a thing of the time long gone, people don't usually have a telephone connection right to their home and there are not many local service providers out there.

However, if you are looking to fax, don't worry, there is an even better way than a local fax service, and that is- online fax services. Online fax services turn any of your device into a high end fax machine, without you having to actually get a fax machine or a telephone connection.

Therefore, you no longer need to run around trying to find a phone operator to get you a fax number and buy all that unnecessary equipment like a fax machine. Even the people who own a fax machine are using the method that you are going to learn below:

Part 1: How Can I Fax from Computer/Mobile for Free?

Do you know that there are ways through which you can fax directly from any internet capable device like your computer or your mobile phone? That is not only possible, but in fact you can do it totally free.

That is made possible by this online fax service that connects directly to your device without any external hardware:

1.1 CocoFax- Fax from Anywhere Anytime

Fax services near you can not only be inconvenient, but also pricey on the pocket. They try to make the most profit out of your need for urgency.

This is where an online fax service such as CocoFax comes out to be your savior. CocoFax is an online fax service provider that you can access 24x7 through the internet from your computer, smartphone, or your tablet. You don't need a fax machine, a fax modem, or even the telephone lines in order to use it.


Free Fax Number

You can also get a free fax number from CocoFax through their website. Since a fax number is vital to receive faxes, the free fax number that you get from CocoFax can be an added luxury (or a necessity in some cases).


The free fax number of CocoFax lasts for a limited time. If you want to keep a fax number permanently, you can follow the steps in the section below:

1.2 Steps to Send Fax from Computer or Mobile for Free

Sending a fax through CocoFax is quick and easy. You just have to follow these three steps:

Step 1: Go to CocoFax's website and create an account. You will get a free trial period for 30 days. You also get to choose your own fax number and you can keep it permanently.


Step 2: Once you create an account, you will be taken to your dashboard. You can log into your dashboard at any time later as well through the website. Click on the 'New Fax' button.

Step 3: The New Fax popup will open. Enter the fax number of the receiver in the 'To' field. You can even fax to multiple users together. It also supports international faxing as well.

Step 4: Attach the document that you wish to fax. You can upload any file from your computer or even provide a cloud link for the same. The file formats supported are: docx, pdf, xls, xlsx, png, and jpg.

Step 5: Click on the 'Send' button. CocoFax will deliver your fax to the receiver. You will get the delivery report in your email shortly.


1.3 Receiving Faxes to Computer or Mobile

Once you have a CocoFax account, you can receive faxes directly to your computer or mobile phone. You won't have to follow any extra step for the same.

In order to view faxes, you just have to open your CocoFax dashboard and navigate to the 'Inbox' tab. You will find all your receive faxes right here. You can print out the ones you like.


You can also check your received faxes in your email inbox. Whenever you receive a fax, you will get it forwarded to your email. You can check the fax as a PDF document attached to the email itself.

Part 2: Where can I send a fax near me?

There are many fax services you will find near you, such as FedEx and UPS which can send the fax for you.  You can send faxes by visiting these services personally.

However, there are a lot of shortcomings when you use these services. For starters, they only offer you ways to send a fax nearby. You cannot receive faxes through them.

Further, these services charge you for every page that you send. The costs run high whether you are faxing a single page or a large document. For example, if you are sending a 10 page document, you will have to pay for every pay that you send.

And when we are talking about the price to fax a single page, it can be anywhere starting from $2 per page for local faxes to $6 per page for international faxes.

Part 3: Online Fax vs Nearby Fax

No matter whether you are in a hurry to send a fax document or you want to employ fax for the long term in your business, an online fax service such as CocoFax is the clear choice you should make. There are several benefits that you get with an online fax service that are absent with nearby fax services such as FedEx and UPS.

First things first, CocoFax gives you a fax number which you can share with people. Whenever someone wishes to send you a fax, they can send it right on this fax number. CocoFax forwards you all your faxes to your dashboard as well as email.

Further, CocoFax gives you the faxing features of the most high tech fax machine you can ever imagine. With CocoFax, you can fax a variety of file types even including images. Also, you can fax directly from your device without having to print out the document first.

That is not the end of it. You can use CocoFax completely free if you want to just want to try it out or send a single fax. And if you want to use it for the longer term, CocoFax's subscription plans are going to be very comfortable to your pocket.

Also, don't forget the delivery reports that you get with CocoFax. You get to know if the fax is delivered to the recipient and the complete time log of the transmission. Further, if the fax wasn't delivered due to any issue on the recipient's end, you can try to send it again with CocoFax.

All these things aren't possible with a nearby fax service, no matter which one you choose. And this is not even the beginning of the cool things you can do with CocoFax. Some of the things you will love include:

Fax from Email

With CocoFax, you can send and receive faxes directly from your email. The process is very similar to sending emails to another person. The only difference is that it is sent as a fax and delivered right to the fax machine of the receiver.


In order to fax from email,  you just have to register your email address with CocoFax when you make a CocoFax account. The rest of it is quite easy.

Further, it adds to the convenience of using fax wherever you are. You could be away from your workplace without your laptop or your computer, and yet, you will be able to fax using your smartphone with CocoFax's fax from email.

Fax from Google Drive

CocoFax also offers you options to fax Google drive documents, such as Google Docs and Google Sheets, directly with a single click. Imagine all the time that you would save with this feature.

Since you can access your Google Drive documents remotely from any device and you can already use your smartphone to fax with CocoFax, it adds to a whole other level of portability to the fax service.

Now if you think that you would get a similar level of features with a nearby fax service, prepared to be disappointed.


If you were looking for a way to send a fax nearby, you will find nothing better than this guide. After all, with the method suggested above, you can fax directly from your smartphone, computer, or any other device, without having to run out to find a nearby fax service.

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