Playstation 4 has had a great run last 2019 with the best PlayStation 4 Games still being played this 2020. Sony will still be continuing to release games for the PlayStation 4. However, gamers will surely never forget great games last year.

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2019's Best PlayStation 4 Games
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Here are a few of the best 2019 games to top the list:

Mortal Kombat 11

A classic game was given a modern twist, violence with the amazing video game has most players addicted to the classic gameplay and stellar graphics. Learning more about meta techniques and being able to navigate your way through the controls help you ace this game. Although simple, it is to the player's discretion to make the most out of this game. With more meta techniques for players to find out, gamers would find them quickly if they really spend the time trying out different combinations.

AI: Somnium Files

There are only two things that are certain in life, and that is Death and Taxes. Then again, there is also the possibility that gamers would fall in love with murder mysteries! Only a few video games could really match the mystery of Kotaru Uchikoshi and AI: The Somnium Files was able to live up to the competition. Taking the player through quite a journey of emotional philosophies and plot twists and turns, there is always something new for the player to discover, not just about the video game but about life as well.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Although this genre is highly dominated by Minecraft, Dragon Quest Builders 2 still offers a lot of different things that make it even better than Minecraft! Set in the past, this game allows you to rebuild society. Collecting resources and building new structures has always been something Minecraft has offered gamers, but Dragon Quest Builders 2 does this even better. With similar but better mechanics, enjoy liberty but also stick to the goal of rebuilding society within this game. Easy to understand but still very entertaining to play, this game is definitely a hit.

The Outer Worlds

The writing of this game has interesting dynamics, including factions, skill systems, and even the complicated depth of the whole universe within the game. Similar to Fallout 4, enjoy living in a world where survival is the top of your priorities. Find a way to survive.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Who does not enjoy Star Wars? Well, there may be a few, but this game might change their mind. Dealing with the destruction around, find a way to live through the chaotic universe as you see the characters struggling to accomplish something significant in a galaxy torn by war. Unlike most Star Wars materials, this game gives a very realistic take to Star Wars, exposing the flaws of the main characters, making them even more relatable whether we like them or not.

That sums up the best PlayStation 4 games for 2019, let us look forward to more better games this 2020!

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