In an interview given to a media-only event regarding the upcoming Doom Eternal, an expected release date has been finally given! Mar. 20 might be the day when we all finally see Doom Eternal and despite years of waiting for the game to happen, everyone has still managed to stay excited!

The Announcement on Doom Eternal

Bethesda along with other journalists and co-content creators were recently gathered to an event where the big news was released. Doom is a classic game that is still very much alive in the hearts of hardcore gamers which is why this announcement makes such a big difference because instead of hopes, a final date was actually released!

Doom takes us back to the time when graphics were not that advanced and it was all about the gameplay. Now that everything has changed and graphics have become more modern, Doom Eternal is coming to bring back the nostalgia for fans of the earlier game.

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Is Anybody Ready to For Doom Eternal?
(Photo : Screenshot From DOOM Official Facebook Page)
Doom Eternal is on its way!

The IGN five-minute on Doom Eternal

A fast paced video which takes us through how cool the new Doom Eternal is going to be was released on Jan. 21 and it got everybody excited to play for themselves and relive their glory days as an early gamer.

Other media sources on Doom Eternal

Eurogamer has released a video stating the six different things they like about Doom Eternal along with two things they do not. Well, to find more about what they have to say, check out Eurogamer along with others who have been fortunate enough to try this out.

GamesBeat has also released another video showing snippets of the gameplay which help give fans an idea of what to anticipate in the upcoming game. Giving a better view of the environment, fans will be able to pick up on just how awesome the Doom Eternal world looks like.

Gamespot's video shows just how chaotic this game can be and if there is one thing that Doom is popular for, it is total chaos! Chaos makes this game what it is and without the organized chaos, things just would not be as fun as they are.

Polygon's 15-minute video takes you through the snow and shows gamers how cool it looks when explosions and gunfire take place in the snow with Doom Eternal. With neon lasers all around, the color contrasts and lightings are not expected to work but they do so perfectly!

TechRadar slowly eases you into the game showing just how the cinematic cut scenes are put together in the beginning of the video but also gives critical reviews on the gameplay throughout.

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Doom Eternal has to elevate the playing ground for all gamers because of the hype it has been able to build up! Gamers from all around the world will just have to find out how awesome this game actually is.

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