Landline Phones to Go For In 2020
(Photo : Landline Phones to Go For In 2020)

Even though a smartphone is usually our go-to option when we want to make any call, there are times when only a landline serves the purpose best. With a landline, you do not have to worry about poor signals, something which is very common with smartphones.

When you are on an important call with your boss or talking to a close friend after ages, a landline will ensure that you get crystal clear sound quality and reliable connection so that you do not miss anything important.

Discussed below are some of the best landline phones out there that are both easy on the pocket and provide a smooth calling experience.

Panasonic Expandable Cordless KX-TGD53

First up on our list is this exquisite device by Panasonic with a simple yet sophisticated design. This device has Caller ID options in English and Spanish and comes with some other amazing features like call blocking, answering machine, and the 3-way conference calling option.

The answering machine on this device has the ability to record messages up to 17 minutes long. If you think that Caller ID isn't enough, you can make utilize this Ringer ID feature, which lets you assign different ringtones to your contacts from a list of available ringtones in the phone's library.

The best part about this phone is perhaps its one of a kind Eco Mode. When the handset is close to the base unit, the power consumption is automatically reduced, allowing you a longer talk time.

Panasonic Cordless Phone KX-TGF54

Next on the list is another great phone by Panasonic. This amazing phone comes with 3 or more handsets so that you stay connected no matter where you are in the home. If the primary reason you don't keep landline phone is because of those irritating robocalls and prank callers, then you would just love this phone as it comes with a dedicated call block button that allows you to  block up to 250 callers. 

The device also comes with phenomenal features like noise reduction, voice paging, baby monitor and many more. It even has an optional Key Detector that you can attach to your keys and you can ping them from your landline when you lose them (feels like dream come true, doesn't it?).

VTech CS6709 Phone

Another great device worth checking out is this beauty from VTech. Delivering crystal clear voice quality isn't the only best feature that this phone offers, rather it comes with tons of great other features as well such as call waiting, any key answer, and the capability of working in three languages including English, Spanish, and French.

If you are looking for a phone that is very light on your pocket and still manages to provide you with great call quality, then you should definitely go for this one. 

AT&T EL51103 Cordless Phone

Since we are discussing communication devices we cannot ignore AT&T. Don't be fooled by this phone's simple appearance since it is a highly functional landline phone. Equipped with DECT 6.0 digital technology, it has everything you could ever ask for in a landline.

It comes with a 50-entry phonebook capacity, voicemail indicator, and easy-to-understand display. To further enhance your landline experience, it even comes with a backlit keypad which can be really useful at times.

AT&T CRL82312 Expandable Cordless Phone

Another great device from AT&T is this expandable cordless phone. Equipped with the DECT 6.0 digital technology, this phone can pair up to 12 handsets to provide the ultimate level of convenience for you.

Furthermore, it comes with all basic functionalities that you would look for in a landline such as answering machine, Caller ID and the amazing Audio Assist, which is just a single button push away.

VTech CS6529-2

Yet another highly functional device from VTech is this exceptional device. It is equipped with a handset locator, and an illuminated keypad tht provides great convenience in the long run for all landline users.

Sometimes you just want your phone to just go quiet because you just don't want to deal with it at the time. For situations like these, it comes with a mute button right on the handset.


These are the best of the best out there if you are looking for a landline for your home or your office. Get one of these devices and enjoy flawless phone calls all day long. In case you are not happy with your phone service provider, then call up the Spectrum and the company will ensure that you get amazing home phone services at the best prices out there. 

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