Apple Watch's New Feature: Fitbit Got it First?
(Photo : Screenshot From TechNews Facebook Page) Fitbit vs Apple

There is a new Apple Watch expected to be on its way this 2020 with certain features that were already featured in Fitbit, especially the sleep tracker. Is Apple running out of originality, and will the market respond positively?

Apple's marketing strategy when it comes to its features

Instead of constantly coming up with something new, Apple is usually doing things in reverse like offering something that is lacking then offering solutions to that problem like when they sold AirPods which garnered a number of complaints that they kept going missing so Apple offered the wire do make their AirPods regular earphones again.

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This strategy has been making their old models obsolete, and although Apple is still a superior brand, sometimes they can be a bit behind on what their competition has to offer. Luckily, they have a huge amount of supporters who trust Apple's performance and are supportive of Apple products.

The Competition on Smartwatches

Apple still has a cemented pie of the market, owning 47.9% of the whole smartwatches industry reported in the third quarter of 2019. Samsung, although a strong contender, only owns 13.4% of the market while Fitbit owns 11.3%. This still makes Apple quite the center of attention when it comes to smartwatches, and even with its lack of features, apple still owns almost half of the market!

Key techniques that make Apple, Apple

The consistency of Apple is also a very important factor to consider when it comes to their share of the market because although they have a product that is good but not amazing, they have still been releasing every year since 2015, which provides their fans with something to look forward to. Apple keeps it simple and does not bother with features. They do not think the average smartwatch user will need, which keeps their products less cluttered and appeals to the minimalistic perspective. Apple also knows the art of timing. Apple's new Apple Watch release was reported last 2019 on Bloomberg, which sets them in motion to create hype on its product and release it when everything is hot.

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Things to expect with the new Apple Watch

Sleep Tracker. Tracking sleep has become more important because of globalization and how certain industries require their employees to work around the clock, making sleep tracking crucial for everyone, according to Mark Gurman.

New Apple Processor. The goal of having a new processor is to allow the watch to function must faster than users are used to. This makes the reaction time and the accuracy of these functions much better and more reliable.

Better Water Resistance. A popular feature when it comes to watches in general, the water-resistance of a watch could improve the survivability of the watch in general.

Apple Watch may be using certain features already offered by its competitors like Fitbit, but Apple knows the market, and that is what makes Apple the leading brand when it comes to smartwatches.

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