Wonderful 101
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Developers PlatinumGames is one of the hot topics right now, especially with their plans on making the Remastered version of Wonderful 101. Just recently, they made a Kickstarted campaign to create the Wonderful 101: Remastered, and its initial goal was just for $50,000. Apparently, word of this spread, and not only did it exceed the goal, but FAR surpassed it!

At the time of this writing Kickstarter: Wonderful 101 Remastered has already raised over -- $1,000,000. 

The company is also responsible for a number of titles that they helped create with the likes of Nintendo and Square Enix. They co-developed games like Nier: Automata and Bayonetta. In line with the successes of the previous titles, tech giant Microsoft tried to buy their company last year but to no avail.

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The initial goal of the Kickstarter was for them to focus the release on the Nintendo Switch first, then gradually expanding to other consoles and platforms like the PC and maybe Steam if conditions were favorable. Further content like DLC is also in the works, which are an amazing thing for fans and newcomers alike.

Wonderful 101 in All Its Glory

Released for the Wii U back in 2013. This game was an instant smash for players who had the opportunity to own the Wii U way back when. Imagine a world of wild, energetic and, a silly comic filled action. You play as one of three one-dimensional heroes that are fighting to save the world against aliens that threaten the humble planet you live in.

If you've played some of PlatinumGames titles their refusal to help you understand the basics of a game, you will not be surprised. This is also one of those titles. Letting you dive right into the fray with little or no help at all makes the learning curve a bit steep but, at the same time, very enjoyable because you get to discover things on the go and see how you progress further with what you just know.

If not for the clunky controls of the Nintendo Wii U, this game would have been stellar, and more players would actually want to play this game with its overall style, aesthetic, and challenge.

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What's Next for PlatinumGames

The remaster is not the only plan in the works for this company, they plan on making Bayonetta 3 which is now under development, and a teaser site which is linked here that displays the number 4. It's clear that as much as Wonderful 101 was a hit the company really wants to showcase this game to other platforms and based on the reviews out there the game is well suited for more modern-day consoles out there today.

Wonderful 101: Remastered is set to be released around Easter later this year in Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC. 

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