It is finally open! Amazon is now currently accepting preorders for the upcoming Resident Evil 3 game on PS4 and Xbox One this Apr. 3! One of the most anticipated releases this 2020, Resident Evil 3 will bring fans of this franchise once again on their controllers digging through the word of Resident Evil and battle the Umbrella Corp.

Preorders for Resident Evil 3 Are Now Available on Amazon!
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Resident Evil 3

The history of Resident Evil's Success

Just recently, the remake of Resident Evil 2 has brought mainstream success to this franchise and proved once again that Capcom knows what they are doing. From the earlier games to the movie series, the world of Resident Evil has been able to dominate both gamers and moviegoers being one of the biggest franchises in the action-zombie sub-genre of both movies and games.

The uniqueness of Resident Evil

Resident Evil brought to mainstream success the whole zombie battle idea, and although zombie movies and games have already been present in history, what makes Resident Evil unique is the scientific attachment towards this series showing just how the monsters are scientifically engineered through the 'outbreak.'

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This movie has answered a lot of questions that zombie fans have been searching for even in other franchises. Resident Evil has a closely stitched storyline in both the movie franchise and the game, which is consistent with one another and is something fans of this franchise love about it. A consistent story plus stellar gameplay, this is what Resident Evil is consistent about.

The setting of the upcoming Resident Evil 3

The upcoming Resident Evil 3 resumes the events happening in Resident Evil 2 with a special twist. The player will assume the role of Jill Valentine, who is a former Special Tactics and Rescue Service or S.T.A.R.S member who is trying desperately to escape the havoc of Raccoon City because of the outbreak.

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Jill Valentine will be the main target of a huge monster, and players will just have to see the story of Jill Valentine from beginning to the end. This should unveil another huge piece of the story to stitch the whole Resident Evil 3 back together.

The Resident Evil 3 Trailer

The trailer reveals only a partial part of the game, and we cannot really make anything out of the trailer in general. All we know is that the gameplay we all grew to love is still intact and is going strong as ever. Certain improvements are expected to be added, but fans are happy that the basics of the game are still included.

The upcoming Resident Evil 3 prices and details

We can expect the price to be at about $60, but there is a sale right now that puts the price down to $49.94 on Amazon. The upcoming Resident Evil 3 is a game both classical gamers and new school gamers are looking forward to. Preorder your copy now and be one of the first to play the game when it releases on Apr. 3.

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