Bioengineering causes Wuhan Coronavirus
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Could China Bioengineering be the Coronavirus Origin? Well, there are quite a few posts online sharing this theory without sufficient scientific data to back this up. There are even posts that state that the Coronavirus contains HIV "insertions," which shows that it could possibly have been engineered in a laboratory, but up to today, there is zero evidence that confirms that this specific Coronavirus was bioengineered, but all pieces of evidence point to it coming from animals. 

Could China Bioengineering be the Coronavirus Origin?
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The Coronavirus outbreak

The 2019 Coronavirus has been on the tip of every tongue around the world, and people are still going around saying that this virus was man-made rather than actually coming from animals. The virus first started in Wuhan China in the later part of 2019.

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There have been several posts about the origin of this virus, but so far, none of them contain the needed scientific research to prove such a claim.

The obscure claims on the Coronavirus Origin

China bioengineering was cited as one of the possible sources of this virus because of how the genetics or the protein sequences of this said virus could have possibly been developed by bioengineering, but scientists who specialize in viruses claim that these kinds of origins are a total hoax.

Other viral posts claim that the Coronavirus strand is highly similar and related to HIV, which is weakening the immune system--therefore increasing the risk of catching nCoV. As of now, there is still no specific link between the two different diseases.

The source of these unscientific findings

Quite peculiar, scientists in India have been publishing these stories under a website called bioRvix or "bio-archive". These posts were up on January 31, and they have specific claims that there are specific "insertions," which the virus holds in its protein sequence that are almost identical to HIV. Luckily, scientists from all over the world immediately countered this theory because of the incorrect analysis it contains, and this post was soon withdrawn.

The damage of this hoax article

Although the article was taken down, there have been even more websites publishing the same material causing worldwide panic as HIV has a huge rate around the world. The story even went further as being pointed out as a bioweapon created by china bioengineering as an attack on the world. ZeroHedge was one of the websites where this news originated, and this website has already been known to spread fake news.

The panic this theory could create.

Although scientists with authority have already given their final statements on the origins of this virus, there are still websites juicing up the conspiracy theories to generate even more views. Still, the problem is the panic this entails.


The news has a way of twisting certain angles to get a juicy story from existing facts. This is what is seen in the whole ordeal. The coronavirus origin has already been clarified, but there are still circulating rumors that China bioengineering is the source of this virus.

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