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New Method Can Reduce Cost Of Direct Air Capture Carbon Dioxide Removal Technology

Scientists found a way to reduce the costs of carbon dioxide removal in the air. Using a technique called direct air capture, industrial coolants can convert carbon gas into synthetic fuel.

Earth/Environment June 11, 2018

Pain-Free Patch Stimulates Insulin Production To Manage Type 2 Diabetes

A research group developed a skin patch that regulates blood sugar level without inducing any pain. It contained an innovative formula that acts unlike any other existing treatment for Type 2 diabetes.

Medicine January 2, 2018

Scientists Successfully Turn Spinach Leaf Into Heart Tissue

A team of scientists successfully transform a simple spinach leaf into heart tissue. The interdisciplinary team’s success could solve bioengineering’s long-standing human tissue regeneration problem.

Biotech March 27, 2017

Scripps Researchers Create First Stable Semisynthetic Organism In The Lab

By aligning both natural and man-made bases in the genetic code of single-celled bacteria, biologists at the Scripps Research Institute led by Floyd Romesberg developed the first ever stable semi-synthetic organism.

Biotech January 26, 2017

Biohacking The Future Of New York City With Terreform ONE

Terreform ONE is a Brooklyn-based design studio that's using design-thinking to reinvent the wheel.

FUTURE TECH December 29, 2015

Vocal Cords Grown In A Lab May Someday Cure Voice Or Speech Impairment

People whose voices are impaired because of severely damaged vocal cords could someday get help from bioengineered cords, researchers suggest. Cords grown from donor cells show promise, they say.

Life November 19, 2015

This Software Can Read Your Mind -- In A Good Way!

New software could help stroke patients and others to correct movements.

Robotics October 8, 2015

Researchers Used Stem Cells To Grow Primitive Human Kidneys In Lab

Researchers from Australia generated primitive human kidney tissues from adult stem cells, a recent study says. This may be a step towards transplanting lab-grown human organs in the future.

Life October 8, 2015

DARPA Investing $32M Into DNA Manufacturing: Super Soldiers On The Way?

DARPA confirms that it has granted a five-year $32 million contract to the Foundry in a move to support the facility’s projects on genetic engineering.

Society September 26, 2015

Stanford Scientists Use Genetically Engineered Yeast To Make Opioids: Home-Brewed Morphine Next?

In search of an alternative to farming poppies, Stanford researchers bioengineer yeast to brew opioids.

Life August 18, 2015

Human 'Heart-On-A-Chip' Could Speed Up Drug Testing

Scientists at the University of California Berkeley have developed a 3-D human heart on a chip for future use as a faster and more cost-effective way of testing cardiovascular drugs.

Life March 9, 2015

Researchers Shine UV Light to Heal Wounds

Scientist use light to manipulate cells in the body in a technique that could drive regenerative medicine to new heights. Technology could drive healing "on demand."

December 18, 2014

Hi-tech prosthetic arm gives user almost natural sense of touch [Video]

Two new studies explore the world of mind-controlled prosthesis. Soon, a robotic arm that interacts with a user's brain could become a common occurrence for amputees.

Life October 9, 2014

Cyborg moths will save you from disasters in the future

Insect "biobots" under human control could be sent into disaster situations too dangerous for humans, researchers say. They could survey damage and help search for survivors, they say.

Science August 20, 2014

Geckos control toe hairs to be sticky or not, inspiring bioengineers to do the same

Geckos can turn their incredible wall-climbing stickiness on and off at will, study finds. Trick allow them to run up walls, across ceilings, researchers say.

Animals August 12, 2014

Muscle power is the machine behind 'Bio-Bot' robots (VIDEO)

Researchers combine living cells with 3D printed skeleton to create bio-bot that can be moved and controlled. Tiny bio-bots could have medical and other uses, they say.

Robotics July 3, 2014

Spiders tune-up webs to communicate, assess caught prey and check out potential mates

Spiders "tune" their webs to create a communications tool, British researchers find. Spider can "play" their webs like a musical instrument, they say.

Animals June 5, 2014

Scientists create microchips that mimic human brain circuitry

Researchers from Stanford have successfully created a new circuit board that can mimic the human brain to some extent. The new chip is 9,000 times faster than the average personal computer.

April 30, 2014

Scientists successfully transplant lab-grown esophagus in lab rats: Hope for throat cancer patients?

Replacement tracheas may soon be used to treat patients suffering from throat cancer. Scientists have successfully concluded an experiment to transplant a bio-engineered esophagus in a lab rat.

Life April 17, 2014

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