BlueDot is the artificial intelligence that is leading us to a successful battle with Coronavirus by giving precise estimations on the next moves of the virus. So far, BlueDot has been able to provide us with viable information and is continuing to provide us with information about the movements of the coronavirus outbreak. 

BlueDot: Fighting the Deadly Coronavirus Outbreaks with AI
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The Deadly coronavirus vs AI

How BlueDot works

BlueDot is an AI with capabilities that track the future movements of this virus by crosschecking data and reading the previous changes to make analytic possibilities that are then presented to scientists, governments, and public health officials. Conducting an "automated infectious disease surveillance" to gather necessary information, the ability of this AI has already been proven. It is now up to the people to act on the presented data.

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BlueDot has the ability to read and analyze about 100,000 articles in 65 languages every day to add to its portfolio of data, which is then translated into calculated possibilities. Flight patterns have also been part of BlueDot's data collection, which then creates a global pool of information and points towards both the origin and movements of this virus. The temperature, climate, and even the condition of livestock in countries of focus are also data that BlueDot uses to understand this virus.

Calculations made by BlueDot so far

BlueDot has already notified its customers nearing the end of January that the death toll has reached 100 people and has already penetrated countries like the United States, Philippines, Japan, and even Singapore. Because of the findings of BlueDot, Americans have been warned not to take unimportant trips to China while this virus is still very aggressive.

2016 was the year that BlueDot was able to predict the Zika virus to hit Florida six months before it actually happened.

The creation of BlueDot

Kamran Khan is the CEO and founder of BlueDot and has modeled this AI to give necessary information to health care workers on a global scale. With much similarities to the epidemic-monitoring company Metabiota, language and translations were of utmost importance to do thorough global research on the viruses being studied.

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Through a broader angle, this AI can also be used to help existing research advance on developing drugs that counter certain viruses. AI has a good reputation when it comes to predictions of possible pandemics like the deadly Chagas, which is an incurable disease and would have potentially killed about 8 million people in Mexico and Central and Southern America.

Other Uses for AI

AI has also been able to track illegal movements of opioid sales by mining data from social media. Law enforcement has experienced firsthand the advantages of AI to sift through piles of data and come up with quick and likely-accurate predictions.

The idea of AI is not to replace human capabilities but rather enhance the reach of possibilities. AI is still a product manufactured by humans. The BlueDot AI might actually help in finding the cure for this coronavirus.

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