The League of Legends Champions Korea or LKC has removed their host Kim Min-ah from their broadcast due to possible exposure to COVID-19 or Coronavirus after she was said to have a high fever during this event.

LCK Host
(Photo : Screenshot from: LoL Official Facebook Page)

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Kim Min-ah had a fever and was sent to the hospital

"She had a bit of a fever, which meant that there's a chance she has coronavirus, we're taking as many precautions as possible, so it's likely that she's actually fine. But all the teams that have come in contact with her, especially today, have been notified, and as soon as we find out more, we're going to make sure that we let everyone know as well." LCK caster Max "Atlus," Anderson said after being asked about Kim Min-ah's situation according to Dot Esports.

LCK has implemented a rule regarding the virus

LCK translator Jeesun "ZeetwoZ2" Park said that LoL Park has a rule regarding the coronavirus, if someone has a fever over 37.5 degrees Celcius, they are not allowed to enter the LoL Park. All players, staff, and visitors are all being checked. She was checked, and she had a little bit of a fever, so they basically sent her to the nearest hospital to further check on her situation.

The League of Legends Champions Korea has started the last February 5 after Korea's Lunar New year break. It has been stated by Riot Korea that the league will not have a live studio audience for upcoming weeks due to coronavirus. Riot Korea is doing its part in limiting exposure for its staff and the pro players by not allowing the live audiences.

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This has alarmed the entire LCK team that had made contact with Min-ah, and managers are prioritizing the safety and health of everyone in LoL Park with the chance of the coronavirus increasing day by day, precautions have been seriously taken to keep everyone safe. This time, Riot Korea believes it is now safe for all pro players to continue competing. But, this does mean that all previously purchased tickets have been canceled. Those who bought these tickets will receive the chance to attend a different schedule or receive a refund.

The LCK 2020 Spring Season is the first split of the 2020 Season of League Champions Korea. Ten teams compete in the Spring double round-robin group stage. The top five teams advance to the Spring Playoffs. 

Format for the LCK is as follows, Double Round Robin, all matches are best of three, top 5teams qualify for the Spring Playoffs which regular-season winners receives playoff bye into the final and second and third-placed teams receive playoffs byes into round 3 and 2 respectively. Bottom two teams play in the LCK Summer Promotion. The prize pool is 300,000,000 South Korea Won.

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