Pokemon Sword and Shield Raid Update: Tips on How to Find and Beat Mewtwo on Pokemon Day
(Photo : Screenshot from: Pokemon Official Youtube Channel ) Pokemon Sword and Shield Raid Update: Tips on How to Find and Beat Mewtwo on Pokemon Day

As part of the Pokemon Day 2020 celebration, Pokemon Sword and Shield have now released new Max Raid Battle updates on its game. If you are looking to beat and catch rare pocket monsters on the game like Charmander, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and the all-time favorite Mewtwo, this is your chance to try it now on Nintendo Switch using your skills on Sword and Shield.

Don't know how to do it? No worries, we've got you covered with these tips and hacks on beating them one-by-one and catching tons of surprising rewards!

Where to find Mewtwo on Pokemon Sword and Shield and tips on how to beat him

Yesterday, Tech Times reported that Pokemon GO would be featuring an Armored Mewtwo as the Raid Boss in Pokemon GO Raid Battles starting on Feb. 25 up to Mar. 2. Now, Pokemon Sword and Shield will also feature the same pocket monster as an addition on the Kanto starters from the game starting today until Monday, Mar. 2.

As a clarification, unlike in Pokemon GO, Sword and Shield do not let players catch Pokemon Mewtwo on the game. However, players will have tons of amazing rewards once you get to beat him on the Max Raid Battle.

Mewtwo is on its level 100 on Pokemon Sword and Shield

Unfortunately, if you're thinking of beating Mewtwo on the game, it requires a lot of precision and fighting skills on the player's end. Pokemon Mewtwo is on its Level 100, so it means that players must expect a fierce battle between you and the Psychic-type Pokemon.

However, before you get to have a chance to fight with the strong Mewtwo, obviously, you will need to find him first on the game.

According to the Game8 website, players can find Mewtwo Raid battles in random dens that are now scattered around the Wild Area. There is no definite place or area wherein Mewtwo can be found, so players are advised to keep searching for that specific Den or else you might not encounter him until the end of the event.

How to beat Mewtwo using these strategies and tips

Thanks to the Game8 website, there are simple steps that you can take in order to make sure that you get to beat Mewtwo on your battle.

Talk with your teammates

Nothing beats the right communication and camaraderie between teammates on a Pokemon battle. It is no longer news that this Mewtwo Max Raid battle can be the toughest battle to check out now on Sword and Shield, so make sure that your teammates know every essential counter on the game.

Using taunt to block Mewtwo's moves

Nasty Plot, Calm Mind, and Bulk Up are just three of the boosting moves of Mewtwo, so once you get to take down his shields, you can easily go to the taunt move-- as a safer attack.

Takedown Mewtwo's shield and use Grimmsnarl's Spirit Break

Grimmsnarl's Spirit Break move can make Mewtwo's special attack lowered. When this attack occurs, this would be the best time to survive Mewtwo's attacks along with the game.

Don't use Phantom Force

Remember not to use Dragapult's Phantom Force when you're battling with Mewtwo. This might be the best tip to use on fighting against this Pokemon because Phantom Force allows Mewtwo to avoid attacks for one full turn. You would not want to let this happen, for sure. 

Once you get to use these strategies and tips, there are bigger chances that you get to win against Mewtwo on Sword and Shield. 

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