How To Choose Best Color For TV Background
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Are you in a dilemma whether you should mount your TV or place it on a stand? Either way, you need to choose the best wall color for your TV background or else no one is going to notice it among other furniture in your room.

If your TV's background color is not good enough, then even the best TV stands can't provide you a good TV viewing experience. The same is true for TV mounting as well.

Now you must be wondering what color is best for your TV background? Well, you can read this article to find the answer.

Best Color For TV Background

Here's a list of color options you can choose for TV background depending upon your needs and likings.

1. Bright Colors

The bright colors are everyone's favorite as they reflect light and make your room look bigger and more welcoming. If you happen to be a person who likes to flaunt a bit then using a brighter shade in the background will make your TV the center of attraction.

Moreover, a brighter color has a soothing effect on our eyes. Turner's Yellow and Artesian Well are some good examples of bright colors that you can use as a background color for your TV.

If you are going to place your TV in a living room where everyone is going to watch it, then a bright color in the background is the best choice for you.

2. Neutral Colors

If you want your TV to gel up with other furniture in the room then a neutral color in the background can help you with that. Basically, a neutral color is the color that does fit in any color scheme like blue, green, red, etc. And therefore they are also known as earth tone colors.

However, the best thing about neutral colors is that they easily mix up with other colors. And hence if you want to decorate the wall behind your TV with some decorative items like photos and paintings then a neutral color is the best choice.

Moreover, if you are willing to mount your TV to the wall then the neutral background virtually makes the TV a part of your decorative artwork. Some good examples of neutral colors are beige, ivory, cream, etc.

3. Dark Colors

The dark colors are widely used as a TV background in most houses and that's because it provides you a theatrical experience while watching the TV. Moreover, a dark background makes the TV screen look more vivid and bright, which overall gives you an immersive TV viewing experience.

Also, if the room where you are going to place the TV gets a lot of natural light then a dark wall color can balance the scenario. As we all know, dark colors are great at absorbing light so they become the first choice for overly brighten rooms. However, the dark colors can make your room look smaller than it actually is and that is its only downside.

Moreover, with a dark background, you aren't going to notice your TV in your room's decor until it is turned ON. If you are fine with that, then a dark-colored wall is what you need for your TV background. Midnight Hour and Phantom can be a great choice for you if dark colors are what you are looking for.

4. Print Colors

If you didn't like any of the previous color options for your TV background and you have the picture of some unique color (print color).

Now you must be thinking that how can you match print color with paint color?. Well, you can read this article from TheSpruce where they talk about the same. Here, they also explain how you can use online tools for picking up hex color code from image to get paint color values.

These free online tools can easily help you in matching print colors with paint colors. Moreover, the benefit of using print colors is that your room looks well synchronized with all the furniture in your room along with your TV.


When we think of buying a new TV we do a lot of research so that we can get the best TV out there in our budget. However, we hardly think of the TV background color and its importance.

But with this article, we hope now you know how important it is to choose a good background color for your TV. You can go with any of the color options we discussed above but choose accordingly and wisely.

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