According to a certain Surgeon General, the whole international habit of hoarding face masks because of the coronavirus or Covid-19 has just increased the risk of infection altogether! The global demand for face masks has just skyrocketed, and aside from prices going up, there might not even be enough masks for the people who need it the most, medical professionals! 

FACE MASKS INCREASE RISK OF CORONAVIRUS! Surgeon General Warns of Unnecessary use of Face Masks
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Face mask Coronavirus Covid-19 short on supply

The face mask does not protect you

According to a post on Twitter released by the Surgeon General to rationalize why masks do not prevent infection, the risk does not decrease just because you have a mask on since the conduct for this mask has not been 100% sure to be airborne. There is no innate improvement in wearing face masks, and since the general public is consuming more face masks than usual, face masks might not become available for people who really need face masks which are medical professionals who are exposed to not just the coronavirus or Covid-19 but also other forms of risky operations where the risk of contamination could be increased if there are no more face masks to be used.

The proper way to fight the coronavirus or covid-19

Hygiene and building up a tolerance is still the best way to fight infection. There is no excuse, taking regular baths and washing your hands properly and often are still the best ways to counter this virus since the problem with this virus is that it can definitely survive in unsanitary environments. Increasing hygienic practices reduces the risk of infection times-fold since this makes sure that the virus does not have time to reproduce and really embed itself in its host.

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How facemasks increase the risk in itself

Aside from the fact that the facemask does not actually prevent the coronavirus or Covid-19 from entering your body, you are also recycling air, leading to a lower resistance system if you are not able to get fresh air often anymore. The lack of fresh air then limits your lungs to be able to function correctly, and blood circulation would then be hindered. This causes a chain of effects that could lead to a weaker immune system in general if you are using these masks 24/7.

The abuse of these masks has many effects

Most countries that actually need these masks have not been able to purchase them because of how the price has increased because of the soaring demand! Always remember, the coronavirus or Covid-19 is not the only virus out there, and the world still has other huge problems around. It would be nice for the people who actually need face masks to be able to have access to it.

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Just because you have access to face masks does not mean that you should access it unless absolutely necessary when you have flu or other sicknesses. The coronavirus or Covid-19 is the source of much panic nowadays, but people have to remember that there are people who are suffering right now from other sicknesses, which would require them to wear face masks. Medical professionals as well should be able to have access to these face masks since they experience contact first-hand.

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