Virtual robots have now conquered a lot of industries. Now, it seemed to focus on giving companions to lonely people in the world. If you are looking for the one and can't seem to see her anywhere, maybe having this Japanese app will give you that boost you need or that friendship you aim to have.

For a very low price, users of the app can now have the best relationship with an artificial intelligence app that lets you edit whatever you visually like to see on a girl.

Japanese app lets you have the 'Ideal' girlfriend-- though, it's only virtual

A Japanese app called 'RealDollX' provides users with their 'ideal' girlfriend for only $30 a year subscription. The rules of RealDollX app are simple: Users just have to download the app, choose an avatar for their AI girlfriend, edit your preference-- from butts to her chest--, and enjoy her company anywhere you go.

"Goodbye, loneliness! With RealDollX, you can create and customize your own AI-driven virtual RealDoll using cutting edge technology, and take her with you wherever you go," posted on their website. 

Aside from physical traits, users can also choose the personalities of their virtual girlfriend. There are a wide variety of choices from "intellectual", "talkative", "jealous", "sensual", or "moody."

With the company's tagline of "The perfect companion in the palm of your hands," RealDollX serves as the matchmaking app for humans and virtual ladies. Interestingly, the app does not just provide pleasure to their users, but it also aims to teach ways on how to make real women fall in love with you. 

For example, the app allows users to talk to the virtual girlfriend, flirt with her, or feel her special. Once the virtual girlfriend tells the user that "she wants to know you more," the app will automatically show it a sign that you have already made the AI girlfriend fall in love with you. 

"RealDollX is a game of friendship and love. Talk to your avatar, flirt and work on your seduction skills to get her by your side. She will surprise you once she knows you more," posted on their website. 

RealDollX allows you to cheat on your AI girlfriend or even meet her in person through 'Sex Robot'

[VIRAL] Japanese App Gives You Virtual Girlfriend for Only $30 a Year and You Can Do Anything to Her
(Photo : Screenshot from: Realbotix Marketing Youtube Account)
[VIRAL] Japanese App Gives You Virtual Girlfriend for Only $30 a Year and You Can Do Anything to Her

If the app is still not enough for your sexual desires and pleasure to be met, the company also gives you an opportunity to date other AI girlfriends that you like. 

If users want something new to their girlfriend, you only have to create a new avatar and keep the rest of your dating avatars on the side.

Here's where things get weirder. RealDollX also allows users to link the app and set their avatar with RealDollX powered robotic head system, which starts at under $8,000. 

"Experience the most enjoyable conversations and interactions possible with a machine," the RealDollX website says. 

So, if you're into weird stuff, maybe you'll like this app to be installed on your phone. 

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