Face Applications
(Photo : Pixabay) Willing to share your face with a line of humanoid robots? A startup is searching for a "kind and friendly" face for its virtual friend, and is offering over $120,000 for the rights to the chosen applicant's face.

A robotics company is looking for a friendly face to be the model for its humanoid robots. Applications are now open, and the chosen face could receive £100,000 ($127,840).

‘Kind And Friendly Face’

London-based engineering company Geomiq recently received a request from a client that requires the help of the public to fulfill. Evidently, this client of theirs is in the final stages of developing a robot, and is now in search of a “kind and friendly face” to be the face of the robot.

“Obviously, this is not our usual remit of request, which is why we’re making this public appeal to try and find the right person,” Geomiq said in the public appeal. “We know that this is an extremely unique request, and signing over the licenses to your face is potentially an extremely big decision.”

That said, anyone who wishes to submit their application can do so on the Geomiq website. Successful applicants will be given the full details of the project, but unsuccessful applicants will not be contacted. Whoever gets chosen will receive $127,840 for the rights to use their face on potentially thousands of versions of the robot worldwide.

Virtual Friend

According to Geomiq, they cannot release too much information about the project based on its secretive nature and due to a non-disclosure agreement that they have signed. However, Geomiq did state that the humanoid robot in development is apparently meant to be a “virtual friend” for the elderly which has been in development for the past five years.

The privately funded robot is expected to go into production by next year, so the company is also hoping that the campaign will create an extra “buzz” before its release. For now, the search is on for the “kind and friendly” face that the elderly can be comfortable around.

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