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Microsoft went ahead against Sony and revealed the upcoming Xbox Series X graphic capabilities. It is confirmed that the next generation of the Microsoft gaming console will feature 12 teraflops of computing power.

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Fans of the PS5 are clamoring for specs reveal, but Sony seems to be holding back until the right time. Despite not being an official statement, a leak made several noises online and even went viral. According to the leak, the PlayStation 5 will have a 13.3 teraflop GPU that is more than what Microsoft is offering.

The developers of the upcoming video game "Martha is Dead" on PS5 5 shared information that may be important to know the capabilities of Sony's next-generation console.

Graphics Improvement

According to an interview with Luca Dalcó, the hardware that the PS5 possesses allows for a very high leap in terms of visual and graphic texture. He also added that it is something that the developers have been waiting for for a very long time.

Dalcó said that 4096px/m is what Ps5 will be able to handle when it comes to texture density. This opens an excellent opportunity for video game developers when it comes to photorealism graphics and surreal in-game designs.

A texture pixel is a graphic element that is essential for 3D design and graphics. Dalcó said that this element would make it easier for their upcoming game to achieve photorealism graphics.

Dalcó also noted that PS5 would utilize the use of ray-tracing, which is a technology being used by many tech giants to improve graphics.

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Main Speculated Specs

The PS5 is reported to be boasting an 8-core Ryzen processor that is custom designed for the device itself. This powerful processor would greatly help the resolution upscaling and handling demanding games.

An RDNA 2 GPU @1.7 GHz with 60 compute units is also rumored to be installed in the PS5 console.

According to a source, the PS5 is also set to have a 1 TB SSD.

Playstation 5 and 8K Gaming

The recent PlayStation 4 Pro console that Sony has manufactured featured 4k as its main selling point. In the next generation, however, Sony is taking it into the next level and is applying 8k Gaming as PS5's main feature.

Although a substantial discovery, there are no more leaks and essential features that surfaced the internet about the PS5. Only months after Sony's console will release, everyone still doesn't have a clue about what the next-generation console would look like.

PS5 Price and Release

There are only speculations about the price of the PS5 as Sony is still holding everything it has to reveal at the perfect time. A Bloomberg analyst made a prediction, however, that puts the PlayStation's price around $470.

The problem with this prediction, however, is that it will undoubtedly change, given the fact that Sony itself isn't exactly sure what to charge on their next-generation console yet. All we know as of now is that it will exceed Playstation 4's price at launch, given that the components are more expensive and a lot more powerful.

The PS5 is set to arrive on Holiday 2020, yet the release date is speculated to change due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

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