A certain pandemic expert by the name of Dr. Norman Swan gave an unexpected warning about how people should stay away from the gym in hopes of avoiding infection from this virus! A follow-up explanation was given to explain that these germs and viruses spread faster inside the gym and that people should buy their own equipment and work out at home. 

STOP GOING TO THE GYM! Expert Warns About the Risk of Coronavirus Infection from the Gym
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Gym Coronavirus

The coronavirus or Covid-19 is no laughing matter, which is why every advice of precaution must be listened to as they help guide people away from the risk of infection. Although the gym is a necessary aspect when it comes to healthy living and pushing yourself to your boundaries, it may not be the best move for people to daily go to a crowded gym where the risk of infection is much higher than working out at home.

Why is the gym out of all places, somewhere you should avoid?

According to Dr. Norman Swan, there are certain environments where germs and viruses can much easily populate, and one thing everyone knows about the gym's environment is that it is damp and full of sweat! Dampness is one of the factors that help a germ or virus populate faster because of this being their ideal habitat.

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The spread of sweat everywhere also allows for airborne sweat particles that contain germs and viruses to travel the room, especially when proper ventilation is not being thoroughly observed within the walls of the gym. The risk of these particles being absorbed by your body increases as you work out because of your need for air, causing you to take deeper breathes with more particles coming inside your body.

Dr. Norman Swan points out a few flaws of the gym

In a statement by the doctor himself, he stated that "You've got these big blokes pumping away and you never know, one of them might be a super spreader." In a connecting statement, Dr. Swan said that if you still plan to go to the gym, "You've got to be super careful at the gym. You've got to make sure you wipe down (the equipment) before and after use."

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The doctor understands that some people cannot completely give up the gym, which is why there should at least be some safety precautions of sanitation to at least minimize the risk of the coronavirus or Covid-19 from spreading far and wide. Safety precautions are not there to limit the activity and potential of people but rather to promote safety and minimize the risk of infection.

Exercise is still essential

It is still a huge essential that people remain fit and healthy as a good resistance system is still the best way to counter this virus! People with better immune systems are actually less likely to be infected by the deadly coronavirus or Covid-19.

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